We would like to introduce you to this week's featured loyal customer story from Bryan Absher, Owner of Old City Ironworks. Bryan says it’s always a good experience when he comes to Andrew Davis and loves wearing the outfits that they put together for him. He also likes that he is greeted at the door by someone with a smile on their face and that they know his name as well as his size.


We would like to introduce you to this week's featured loyal customer story from Ed Marshall. His choice of stores is Andrew Davis because of the personal service he receives and they have the clothing that he has become accustomed to wearing.

We would like to introduce you to this week's featured loyal customer story from Luke Hayward, who grew up around Bloomington. Luke knows that when he shops at Andrew Davis, he is going to be taken care of and his needs are going to be met, above his normal expectations. He loves that there is always a great selection, a great style, a great experience, and that he can always get everything he needs for each season at Andrew Davis.


We would like to introduce you to this week's featured loyal customer story from Mike Richardson with Fast Signs. He knows that when he walks into Andrew Davis, he is going to be taken care of and when he walks out he is going to feel confident that his clothes are ready for his next event or night on the town.
We would like to introduce you to this week's featured loyal customer story from Fred Schultz, who is a Partner at Greene & Schultz Trial Lawyers. He likes to dress professional and feel comfortable walking into any conference room or courtroom, so he buys everything down to his shoes and socks at Andrew Davis.
I had never owned a suit and my daughter was getting married, so I tried Andrew Davis – so glad I did. Macey is an awesome salesman and manager, he made everything easy. He knows his stuff and the results speak for themselves – my wife says I’ve never looked so good!
— Ethan Bernhardt
At Andrew Davis, I have always found expert help, and exceptional quality service. The custom suit that I got from Andrew Davis for graduation is so flawless. It helped me secure a job, stand out at my cousin’s wedding, and makes me feel really good when I wear it. Aside from that, the quality of clothing I have purchased from there exceeds all expectations and I have gotten a lot of use out of those items.
— Marc Plotkin

Great store…and Macey is the best. My husband is very hard to buy for but if it comes from Andrew Davis he loves it. I always follow Macey or Andy’s advice. So far they have never steered me wrong. Great selection and service.
— Liz Meadows
Great Fantastic and on-point service. Being the fashionably dull professional I am, I relied on John to help me fit into something that will make me look stellar. I was very happy with the affordability and turn around in my dire situation of needing a new tailored suit next day. Macey and John both facilitated an experience that will surely have me seeking their expertise in the future. I highly recommend visiting Andrew Davis and working with their team to find your next fit.
— Steven Watkins
I never get tired of shopping at this store! Great quality, selection, and staff.
— John Bailey
I cannot say enough great things about Macey and his team at Andrew Davis. After going to the standard “Mens Warehouse” stores to look at wedding tuxes we were dismayed that everything there seemed generic and almost cheap. I reached out to Andrew Davis and was thrilled to learn they do weddings! They worked with us to select exactly what we were looking for and were wonderful to work with. The service was exceptional- to the point that they are picking up our tuxes from the various hotels so that our guys didn’t have to drop them off before trying to catch flights out of town. A+ service, exceeded all expectations.
— Celia Campbell
Andrew Davis is easily the best men’s clothing store in Bloomington and rivals larger stores in Indianapolis. Macey provides excellent advice and service for both my business and casual clothing needs. He understand my personal tastes and moves me in the right direction. I’ve seen their staff rally to help a man in town for a wedding who forgot his tuxedo pants and got him set up to arrive on time. They really know customer service and how to make your experience exceptional.
— Cory Myers
When a last minute custom order, needed for a transatlantic crossing by ship, was delayed by US customs AD went the extra mile and saved the day. Not only did they manage to redirect the delivery to meet me in NYC on my day of departure, they also arranged for a high quality tailor who was fully briefed about my requirements to do final alterations. These alterations were turned around in under 3 hours and I comfortably made my check-in for the crossing with a well fitting tuxedo in hand. Thank you, your level of care and expertise truly sets you apart!
— Ralf F.
Andrew Davis has a brilliantly curated collection of exquisite clothing. The team pays attention to every aspect of customer service. Andy got personally involved in designing a crimson sport coat with a candy-stripe lining that always turns heads and earns compliments.
— J Thomas Forbes