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Look Good | Feel Good, just in time for the Cardinal Stage Red Feather Gala


Andrew Davis Bespoke has pledged $1,000 in matching funds to Cardinal Stage Company. Even more, they are giving away services to those who participate.

Now through February 29, 2016 when you donate $50 or more to Cardinal Stage Company, Andrew Davis will not only match your gift, they will provide you with a $250 gift card towards a custom suit, tuxedo, or sport coat & trouser combination. Stop into Andrew Davis on Friday, February 12th to learn more.

You can look good in custom clothing, and feel good about supporting a local non profit.

Give a gift today!

This opportunity comes just in time for the Red Feather Gala and Awards Ceremony.

Make sure you are the best dressed in a custom suit or tuxedo from Andrew Davis Bespoke by ordering your custom clothing by February 29, 2016.

February 18 : Samuelsohn + Magnanni + W. Kleinberg Spring Trunk Show


header Thursday, February 18, 2-7 pm

SAMUELSOHN Dorian Anderson will join us with exceptional fabric swatches for suits and sport coats and an enhanced in-stock collection for Spring.

box2 W. KLEINBERG One-of-a-kind luxury belts, custom made in exotic skins including alligator, crocodile, bison and snake. Mary Grace Douglas will be at the store to help with fitting and selections.

box3 MAGNANNI Footwear crafted by hand for exceptional comfort, flexibility, and elegant design. Colin Combes 

      Enjoy fine wines during our wine tasting with Big Red Liquors from 5pm - 7pm

Travel In Style


The Performance Suit from Samuelsohn offers definitive proof. “For over 90 years, Samuelsohn has specialized in traditional full-canvas tailoring with lots of hand-sewing,” says Arnold Siverstone, president and creative director. “Now we’ve combined that quality with a high performance, Super 120’s, pure wool fabric woven for us in Italy. This is the perfect suit for the new generation of men who are always traveling, always on the go, and it offers extraordinary value for the money.”

The secret is in the weaving and the natural elasticity of the wool, creating a fabric that is exceptionally comfortable, is water-and stain-resistant and shrugs off wrinkles. Five internal pockets can accommodate devices and travel documents and there’s even an extra cellphone pocket concealed in the trousers. Samuelsohn also offers a blazer and trousers in the same high-performance fabric.


Join us and Samuelsohn representative Dorian Anderson on Thursday, February 18, from 2-7 p.m. Buy one Samuelsohn made-to-measure suit, coat, or trouser and get the second one at 50% off*.

To complete your travel in style, we will also have the unparalleled leather collection from W. Kleinberg. Mary Grace Douglas from W. Kleinberg will be on hand to help with your selections. This is the perfect belt for your Samuelsohn trousers.

And, to help you put your best foot forward, Colin Combes from Magnanni will be there to help you select and fit shoes from Magnanni.


See you on February 18th at Andrew Davis.

*Second suit, coat, or trouser must be of equal or lesser value; offer good at event only.

Fall/Winter 2015 Styleguide Lookbook

The flip book below represents some of our favorite vendors, hand picked and curated for you.  Get your holiday shopping done early.  We are here to help with suggestions, free gift wrapping and shipping.  Thanks for your friendship and business.

Robert Jensen: Neckwear Mastery

Many of you remember when the majority of our neckwear was from Robert Talbott. The person behind Talbott’s taste level and quality was Robert Jensen. After his 30 plus years in the clothing industry, Bob continues to do what he’s best at, designing and producing wonderful four-in-hand ties. The fabric makes for a wonderful knot, never too thick or too thin. Construction is second to none, using a masterful double slip stitch (one inner and one outer stitch) to help increase the longevity of the tie, while also helping to maintain the shape of the tie as it’s worn. We’re proud to offer this wonderful collection of neckwear and pocket squares and to work with someone as passionate about his creations as we are about our store and our clients. Bob is also a special person who treats everyone as family and our loyalty to him is shared by all of his customers.

Bob is truly a neckwear artist. We love his taste level, and it’s our number one neckwear resource. Bob advises to simply roll your tie and place on a flat surface after wearing. The pressure of the silk rolled onto itself, along with the unique construction, will help eliminate the wrinkling.

Let’s close with a few words from Bob Jensen:

“Blessed with an unabashed ‘neckwear consciousness’ all my life…bows early, ‘story boarding’of all my shirts and ties at twelve, and seeing ‘design’ in everything around me. Off to college, Greek life, learning, getting the tradition: then, inspiring others to step up to quality and achievement; marriage, family, grad school, high-end retail, apprenticed to a neckwear legend, design career, serving and lifting others, gathering the talents of our well trained next generation and finally…the classic family neckwear business is born!”

Please Welcome Raleigh Denim Collection!

Please Welcome Raleigh Denim, handcrafted in North Carolina by non-automated jeansmiths. Real people in real time making real things.

Handcrafted in small batches in Raleigh’s downtown workshop, Raleigh denim is constructed using old machines, time, love and only the very best cotton. Needless to say, you’ve never worn anything like it!

In principle and in form, Raleigh Denim is on a mission to craft the ideal pair of jeans for you. At Raleigh, it is believed that old tradition and heritage plus new and contemporary fit and style create altogether goodness. By making only small runs and handcrafting jeans using vintage machines and denim from Cone Mill’s White Oak plant, you’re getting a one of a kind jean every single time.

Take a look at the inside pocket – you’ll see a personalized signature and the hand stamped number of your pair on the leather patch. You’ll also see a screen printed X-Ray of the hip joint on the inside pocket. Any more personal than this and they’d come with a hug!

Who are the masterminds behind such a great jean company?

Your answer is Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough. Together, they started Raleigh Denim Workshop in 2007 in their hometown, Raleigh, NC. This duo learned the techniques and history of traditional American jean making through a series of apprenticeships with other denim experts throughout the state. From here, the husband and wife team built a small workshop downtown Raleigh where the magic began. By marrying old school methods with modern fits, Raleigh Denim Workshop flourished into mens and womens collections. Each pair is exquisitely crafted with a focus on design, process, material and craft.

Come in and try a pair on, you won't regret it!

We're excited to see you.

Eton 7 Days, 7 Ways

It is seasonless, timeless, masculine, and goes with anything. We’re talking about the white shirt. We’re excited to introduce our largest white shirt collection to date by fine Swedish shirt maker Eton.

Visit Indiana's Eton HQ for the widest range of fabrics, collars, fits and styles.

MONDAY -Sharp Start

Start the week strong with this classic business look. Eton’s signature white Cambridge twill with extreme cut away collar and stand out accessories help you master the office dress code.

TUESDAY - Creative Meeting

Let creativity fly and master the art of layering by going from thin to thick, starting with Eton’s timeless white button-down in durable oxford.  Add a cashmere blend cardigan and top it off with an unconstructed wool sport coat.

WEDNESDAY - Power Business

Navigate the board meeting with style and confidence. Match Eton’s white pin collar shirt with a checked waistcoat and unique details like a silver tie bar and hot pink tie.

THURSDAY -  Streamlined Encounters

Go for a trim and tailored look including Eton’s super slim white shirt and skinny black tie. Building a basic modern business wardrobe doesn’t have to be harder than this.


FRIDAY - Date Night

Keep it clean, crisp and confident tonight with Eton’s white subtle embroidered polka dot style in fine twill.


SATURDAY -  The Perfect Black Tie

Stick to the basic rules of black tie but update your traditional tuxedo with Eton’s white luxury pique shirt and ribbed silk bow tie.


SUNDAY - Family Dinner

Family gatherings require relaxed looks. Combine Eton’s white garment washed pique with a sleeveless cashmere knit cardigan. Unique textures and refined comfort at its best.

The Perfect White Shirt 7 DAYS, 7 WAYS



Byron British Style

The British Have Landed at Andrew Davis Clothiers We just received the Spring 2015 Collection from Byron, British Style.

Every detail is scrutinized to complete the perfect fitting garment. From the fabric choices to each hand stitch in every Byron garment. Ultimately a suit jacket is judged by its fit, and the essence of the British look is to be trim and fitted, but not tight and still very comfortable. Those seemingly diametric notions have been perfected through generations of the British apparel industry. Although this look is particularly fashionable throughout the world today, we have always viewed this is as the proper fit.

It begins with a natural slope shoulder. The jacket body and lapel are constructed with a floating canvas chest piece that molds to the body. Tailored so that a gentleman can “feel” the garment on him. Executed in a manner that allows a freedom of motion, the overall affect is a compact and concise presentation.

An elegantly tailored garment is correct for all occasions. Worn with or without a tie. Or with your favorite dark wash denim, a Byron jacket is an expression of standards and personal style. We obsess over the details of fit, and allow the gentleman to make the look his own. The fit belongs to Byron. The rest is up to you.

The essence of the time tested British style is captured in every Byron garment. Or should we say, “tailored” in every Byron. Byron Spring 2015 Fashion are available at Andrew Davis Clothiers, Bloomington Indiana.

British Style at Andrew Davis

Byron at Andrew Davis

Byron Spring 2015




Malin + Goetz: An Introduction to One of Our Favorite Skincare Brands

Malin + Goetz's Logo We began carrying Malin & Goetz skin and hair products at Andrew Davis this fall, and recently re-stocked and added several new products.

Pronounced “Melon and Gets” in case you’re curious, M&G was launched in 2004 in New York City by co-founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz.

Matthew suffers from several common skin disorders and chronic dry skin, so they sought to develop gentle, natural skincare products that wouldn’t irritate such sensitive skin, but would remain effective for all skintypes.

Malin & Goetz is committed to being a sustainable, fair trade business, and they have worked exclusively with family-run manufacturing and formulating businesses, a value that we share at Andrew Davis as an independent, locally owned and operated business.

Currently, you can find the following Malin & Goetz products at Andrew Davis: Eucalyptus Deodorant, Sage Styling Cream, Cilantro Conditioner, Peppermint Shampoo, Rum Body Wash, Lime Hand + Body Wash, Pomade, Vitamin B5 Body Lotion, Mojito Lip Balm, and Grapefruit Facial Cleanser.

Some of the highlights and new products at Andrew Davis include:

The Eucalyptus Deodorant, which is alcohol and aluminum-free, so it won’t stain the underarm of your favorite shirt while delivering a fresh and natural scent.

The foaming, Peppermint Shampoo is designed for frequent use without drying, stripping, or causing build-up in all hair types. Plus, the fresh minty smell will reinvigorate your morning and help wake you up to start the day.

The Grapefruit Facial Cleanser, one of the newly stocked items here at Andrew Davis, is M+G’s #1 selling item, and works great on oily or dry skin of any sensitivity. Finally, the Rum Body Wash has a unique, delightful scent that you’ll fall in love with.

Whether it’s for the skin, face, or hair, Malin & Goetz is sure to have a solution for you.

What To Expect When Getting A Custom Tailored Suit

Lots of men swear by custom suiting. Whether it’s because they can’t find the right fit off the rack or just prefer the experience of designing their own garment, going custom can be as rewarding as it is fun. To most guys, however, it’s a totally new experience—and a potentially daunting one. So, this guide will take you through a typical custom appointment and what to expect.

Looking at fabric swatches for a custom suit

When you come to Andrew Davis for your first custom suit or sport coat, one of our sales associates will greet you and offer a beverage, and then sit down for a chat about what you want. We try to get to know each of our customers personally, and when you’re in looking to build that perfect suit, we’ll ask what you do, what you typically wear, and more to ensure you walk away satisfied.

After we have a solid grasp of what it is you’re expecting, the first step is picking out a fabric. We have a handful of custom boxes, including Southwick, Samuelsohn, and Hickey Freeman. I recently decided to splurge for a new suit of my own, and chose a light gray chalk stripe from the Jack Victor collection.

Next is the styling. The Andrew Davis team is happy to take care of the styling ourselves, offer recommendations, or give you free reign, depending on each customer’s comfort with the process.

Options include the type of lapel, number of buttons, and much, much more. I opted for a double breasted, peak lapel suit, with a gray dotted lining, personal label, and surgeon’s cuffs (aka working buttons).

Finally, we come to the most important aspect of any suit: the fit. We begin by taking measurements directly off your body to get an idea of your size. Based on these, you will try on a jacket which is marked up to get the ideal fit. Then, rinse and repeat with the pants. Of course, the fit you desire is always what we’ll aim for, whether it is fashion model skinny or a classic cut befitting a mob boss. Or my recommendation: somewhere in between.

With the fitting complete, we’re nearly done. The Andrew Davis associate will review everything, and then show you other items from the store to complement the suit you’ve designed. If you’re looking for new shoes, shirts, ties, or anything else, we’re always happy to help you find the perfect piece to bring the whole look together.

After that, it’s easy as checking out and waiting on a phone call. Prices for suits start around $900, depending on the quality of the fabric, the brand you choose to work with, and the options you select. It will typically take 4-6 weeks to arrive at our store, and we reach out to you as soon as we receive them. If possible, you’ll come in again to try on the result, so that if there are any changes we need to make, we can get the suit tailored perfectly to your liking.

Of course, we save all your measurements and information, so ordering the next one can be as easy as calling in and telling us what you want.

ETON - Made in Sweden, Available in Bloomington Indiana

Exceptionally Eton: Crafting the World's Finest Shirts



How did a little family-run shirt business in Sweden get to be the best-selling shirt company in America, possibly in the world?  I recently had the opportunity to join a group of upscale menswear stores for a visit to Eton headquarters in Ganghester, Sweden and its design studio in Stockholm.  Knowing Eton is one of the hottest brands in the luxury market, we were eager to experience firsthand the culture, commitment and quality-obsessed artisans at this amazing company.


As with all great companies, success starts at the top.  Eton CEO Hans Davidson (third generation, the company was founded by his grandparents in 1948) and senior advsor Jan Borghardt were incredibly candid about their journey.  As Borghardt explains it, "The Swedish mindset discourages arrogance: you should never think you're too great.


Eton is a vertical business, managing every stage of the shirt-making process from cotton production to creative to sales.  They use only extra-long staple cotton (Pima from California and Giza from Egypt), renowned for its luster, durability and softness.  (Only 0.7 percent of the world's cotton is ELS.)  They then partner with top mills that spin the cotton and weave the fabric.  "We work with mills in Italy, Switzerland and France,' explains Eton creative director Sebastian Dollinger, a talented young artist whose inspiration wall for spring 2015 includes a Hindu magazine cover from the 1950's, a Led Zeppelin album cover, and various images of airplanes, flamingos, vintage pinball machines and Mexican skulls worked into a cool paisley.  "We work with our weaving mills very early in the process and buy up their capacity far in advance, which is why the designs are exclusive."

Also unique to Eton shirts: a notable crispness, thanks to a special process that allows wrinkle resistance in the most ecologically safe way possible.  "Cynics say it's impossible to attain our level of wrinkle-free without chemicals,"  Davidson explains.  "But with our finisher in Switzerland, we invented a (40-step) method that actually rearranges the fibers of the cotton rather than coating the fabric with chemicals.  It's been said there are more chemicals in a cup of British tea than in an Eton shirt..."

Fast Facts on Eton

  • The collection is sold in only the finest stores in 42 countries
  • An Eton shirt is ecologically correct, from growing the cotton (using crop rotation) to dyeing the yarns to packaging and shipping
  • Eton uses more cotton per square millimeter than most luxury brands
  • They are famous for color clarity (there are 250 different shades of red alone!) and exclusive designs (they use no fabrics available on the open market).
  • Eton offers a variety of different fits and stocks numerous styles in each.  The fit is exceptional because all measurements are carefully graded across sizes.
  • Eton collars and cuffs are unique: the founders invented an exclusive method of sewing them inside out.
  • Buttons are made of pulverized mother of pearl that Eton re-casts for added strength, and they're strategically placed to allow for open collar-wearing.
  • Each shirt requires at least 100 minutes of cutting and sewing.
  • Much of the machinery used in the production process was conceived by Eton, and much hand craftsmanship is involved.
  • Eton ties are also exceptional, made at the finest factories in England and Italy.
  • The male model who is currently the face of Eton has a notable scar on his cheek.  "Patrick represents adventure and risk-taking", explains global brand director Robert Inghamn.  "He's the James Bond-type of guy that women love: always stylish and cool, even when facing extreme danger...
ETON is available at Andrew Davis Clothiers

-Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman is editor in chief of MR Magazine

Quality Shoes Require Quality Care

Allen Edmonds shoes are sold at Andrew Davis
  • Polish shoes before the first wearing to protect the leather and allow for an easier shine later on.
  • Keep shoes looking new with regular cleaning and polishing.  Every leather is different and a knowledgeable sales associate can instruct you on which product is best suited to your shoes.
  • Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row.  You must give the leather the time it needs to dry from the moisture your foot has produced during wear.
  • Insert one hundred percent natural cedar shoe trees into your shoes to help retain shape and to absorb odor.  This is essential.  With each new pair invest in shoe trees.
  • Always use a shoe horn to keep the heel counter (the back of the shoe) from losing its stability.
  • If shoes get wet, insert cedar shoe trees while the shoes are still damp and allow to air-dry.  Avoid placing shoes near direct heat.
  • Heels should never wear down past the lift of the shoe.  Regular trips to the shoe-repair shop will maintain soles and uppers and keep your shoes looking their best.

Don't be Square!

How It All Started

 Life is filled with experiences that mold us. Edward Armah took his first humble steps into the world of fashion about ten years ago. While managing a fashion segment, In Style, at a local radio station in his native country Ghana, he developed an intense passion for the fashion industry.

In 1998, Armah went to London, United Kingdom, to learn more about fashion. He worked in a custom shop, where he concentrated on fashion design and he sketched clothing styles for leisure. Soon, he realized that London could not quench his escalating thirst for fashion.

Meet Edward at our Trunk show Event February 23rd!

By 2000, Armah had made his way into the United States of America. He secured an appointment as personal shopper in Neiman Marcus, New Jersey. By the time he left the prestigious luxury retailer in 2006, Armah had become a seasoned professional in the customized clothing industry.

Again, he put his experience to test by working for Saks Fifth Avenue, another high-end retail store. Later in his career, he worked for Oxford. While there, he spent time with experienced tailors in Chicago. Inspired by his eclectic mix of experiences Edward Armah was ready to embrace his own luxury mens dress furnishing line.

In 2009, Edward Armahs fascination of butterflies and their different species led to the birth of BUTTERFLY BOWTIES LLC, now EDWARD ARMAH  a company that designs, manufactures, markets and sells a branded line of high end luxury mens dress furnishings including handmade bowties, ascots, vests, silk robes and pocket circles. EDWARD ARMAH, the brand, aims at creating the most innovative and finest mens dress furnishings.

Edward Armahs idea of a bowtie that can be worn in four different ways, has gained much popularity across borders, and is considered a breakthrough in the fashion industry. It has become his signature product and has merited him the title, Bowtie King.

Profile from edwardarmah.com

Article by Karen Alberg Grossman

Denim 101


  1. Denim was created in America by Levi Strauss in 1873.
  2. During his tour of America in 1882 the peacock of his day, Oscar Wilde, proclaimed jeans as the pants of the future. Today, some 138 years after Levi Strauss, denims are the most utilized items of clothing in the western world where almost everyone has one pair, and most more than seven.
  3. Ringspun denim is what we would call classic blue jeans. Long-staple cotton fibers are twisted together for strength and durability and then, literally, spun out on a ring. The resulting yarn is soft to the touch, slightly inconsistent in diameter and texture, and features the occasional small slub or fabric nodule, along its length. This yarn is then chemically dyed blue (natural indigo being no longer used) and becomes the warp, or main, thread that is woven together with an ecru-coloured or bleached white “fill” into the traditional jeans fabric.
  4. Open-end denim came into being in the 1970’s. This process cuts costs for manufacturers because it moved away from traditional thread spinning procedures and basically mashed sorter cotton fibers together into a twist. In general, open-end denim remains bulkier and wears out much more quickly than ringspun. In other words, a year after buying them, that $50-75 pair of jeans should make a great set of cleaning rags.
  5. Double ringspun represents the ultimate – in softness, in texture, and in wear. As you might guess, double ringspun uses ringspun yarn for both the warp and the weft, creating a highly durable fabric with an incredibly gently hand and a maximum amount of tactile, tufty slubs. The amount of labor and good cotton fiber that goes into jeans like these means a premium price. But then again, you’ll find that you get what you pay for.
  6. Selvage, really “self-edge,” refers to the closed finish a shuttle loom gives to the edge of woven material, so it doesn’t unravel. Because manufacturers have tried to save money in the past through use of wide projectile looms, where-in fabric edges are simple cut and sewn shut, jeans selvage, itself, grew into a mark of quality, one that was promoted by m makers through the incorporation of a signature line of coloured warp thread running parallel to the edge. Selvage will up the cost of your jeans, as will double ringspun, ring-dying, the type of twill selected and, of course, that designer label, because every stylist adds his or her distinct touch to the process. Some jeans are created more equal than others.
  7. The ultimate test of any jeans is: Do you like them? Do you like the way they feel to your hand, their touch? Do they make you look cool? And a year down the road, will you still take pride in their slightly faded appearance? If so, then you got yourself a good pair of jeans.