pocket square

The Perfect Suit: 101

There are so many suit shapes and styles out there – what would you suggest for a day-to-day suit for a man with an average build? A slim-fit navy or mid-gray suit with a two-button jacket, side vents, and a fun lining (to bring out the detail while maintaining the integrity and business appropriateness of the suit) and flat-front pants with no cuffs or with stylish two-inch cuffs.

What are the new trends in clothing?

Fitted suits still rule and always should, in my opinion.  Suit lapels are moving back to traditional widths, higher on the shoulder (to broaden the chest and add vertical appeal).   Last year we saw the return of the pocket square and guys are embracing it!  Pair a contrast-color shirt and sport coat with a cotton or linen pocket square during the day and wear fun, colorful pocket squares at night.  Right now we’re placing orders for colorful patterned sports coats to be paired with jeans and collared shirts for dinner and a night out.

What rules should a man follow when purchasing a suit?

If the shoulders don’t fit, don’t buy it!  Make sure the jacket is not too short or long.  A man’s jacket sleeve should allow a quarter to a half inch of his shirt cuff to show. As a general rule, suit pant length should be a quarter inch above the top of the heel; however, shorter and “smarter” lengths might be considered as well.  Great-looking clothing is all about keeping everything in proportion.



By Macey Dale