Be Seen Bespoken

One of the joys of being the manager of Andrew Davis Bespoke is working with clients to see a vision come to life. The vision may be for a bespoke wedding or for your first professional job. I've had the experience of seeing a person’s confidence come to light and the motivation created by dressing well.

As a lifetime jazz musician and music lover, I approach each client without hard and fast rules. Bespoke clothing is spontaneity and creativity. I listen, react, improvise and create with my clients. Whether a bespoke suit or tuxedo for a wedding, or suits and sport coats for work, I find out where my clients want to be with their clothing and give greater value to their purchase.

Dress with the utmost discernment.

-John Porter

Luciano Barbera: A Life Guided By Friendship And Luck

“If I didn’t meet you, how could I be here telling you these things?” -Luciano Barbera The origin story of Luciano Barbera’s eponymous line of clothing feels very 21st century—even though it isn’t. As a young man and dapper dresser in the late ’60s and early ’70s, Barbera was often in spotted in custom-created suits, and admirers would inquire as to who made his clothing and where it was purchased.


It helped that Luciano was born into a fashion family: His father, Carlo Barbera, was the owner of a textile mill, so an appreciation for fine fabrics and thoughtful tailoring was there from the start.  Luciano set out to create his own timeless menswear collection—and that collection has kept him busy for the last 45 years.


The name Luciano Barbera continues to stand for quality, craftsmanship, and that quintessentially Italian concept of sprezzatura. That is, the quality of being confident but understated—not trying so hard.


The Spring/Summer 2016

Spring 2016 is inspired by the lush foliage and picturesque landscape of Biella – a mountainous Italian village, home to the Luciano Barbera brand – and reminds us that textures, prints and colors are most vibrant when mixed and layered.


Fall/Winter 2015 Styleguide Lookbook

The flip book below represents some of our favorite vendors, hand picked and curated for you.  Get your holiday shopping done early.  We are here to help with suggestions, free gift wrapping and shipping.  Thanks for your friendship and business.

Black Tie 101...

The Classic Tuxedo: What to Wear and Why It Works

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn

  • Why women think a man looks better in a tuxedo than a suit (and why they are right).
  • What tuxedos will still be in style 30 years from now.
  • Why the shirt collar is one of the most important parts of a tuxedo.
  • Why Dr. Martin Luther King showed cuff when he gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • Why you already know how to tie a bow tie (and should wear one).
  • Why a cummerbund makes you look stronger.
  • Why real men in tuxedos sometimes wear shoes with bows on them.
  • Why, even on a budget, you can dress better than most men at the Oscars.
  • Why Sean Combs, Steven Colbert, Jay Z, Tom Ford, John Hamm, Brad Pitt, and Hugh Jackman all wear the same type of tuxedo that Clark Gable wore 80 years ago 2

The PDF download written by Donald H Gjerdingen is available here Black Tie 101

Visit his site here