Top 10 Reasons to attend a Andrew Davis Trunk Show!

10. To laugh, relax, and enjoy the relationship you have with us at Andrew Davis Menswear!

9. To find the perfect shoe, belt, and sock to compliment your new clothing

8. To detail a garment with working sleeve button holes or ticket pockets.

7. To expand your choices and options for seasonal needs.

6. To support the local economy.

5. To receive a special offer available only that evening.

4. To experience a wine or scotch tasting with the best.

3. To meet a representative from the best manufacturers available.

2. To create a tuxedo, suit, or sport jacket/pant for an event that will stand out from the crowd.

1. To have a garment created for the most important person – you!

Join us on Thursday, February 23rd from 2:00 — 7:00 p.m.

for our spring trunk show with representatives from Hickey Freeman, ETON, To Boot, VK Nagrani and Edward Armah present to assist you with selection and fitting. We will also be previewing the fall collection of Barbour and taking advanced orders.

EVENT: Meet Your Maker....

 Meet Your maker Thursday, October 20

3 P.M. - 7 P.M.

  Two young entrepreneurs named Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey founded Hickey Freeman in 1899. Their plan was to bring high-quality hand-tailoring to men from coast to coast. As they envisioned it, a Hickey Freeman suit would be a testament to both the delicate artistry of hand-craftsmanship and the steady consistency of modern technology.  Their idea turned into an epic American success story. Men of style and achievement have, for generation after generation, turned to Hickey Freeman for authenticity and quality, elegance and innovation. They still do. [alert style="green"]

Purchase any Hickey Freeman suit, or coat, custom or off the rack, and get a FREE Eton Shirt. And special pricing on our end bolts.

[/alert] Jeff Lang is our Coppley representative.  He is perfect for this illustrious Canadian company with the best value in North American product and its famous 7-day custom suits.

Hickey Freeman and Coppley are now part of the same company, and the fits are very similar.

Clothing with integrity in every stitch, our suits, coats, trousers, shirts and neckwear have adorned leaders, legends and world beaters alike. Men who embrace the sophistication that comes with success, appreciate the delicate artistry of hand-craftsmanship, but expect their signature pieces to work as hard as they do. Strength, style and spirit. Coppley is the pinnacle of Canadian tailored clothing. [alert style="green"]

And for those Coppley lovers, and we have many, a FREE Eton shirt is given with each Coppley purchase, custom suit, or sport coat.

[/alert] The ultimate travel shirt.  Made with the finest long-fiber cottons from the best European mills, Eton shirts are finished with a special process that uses body heat to keep wrinkles at bay.  After a long day of meetings or an overnight flight you may not feel very fresh—but at least you’ll look fresh.  Eton’s spring collection’s striking colors and patterns look great with a suit or with jeans, with or without a tie.



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Buy 3 Eton shirts and the 4th is FREE.

[/alert] Andrew Davis Menswear features Allen Edmonds footwear and accessories for the same reasons you wear them.  Unmatched style and a comfort that comes with only generations of dedication to perfection.

Established in 1922, Allen Edmonds is a company rich in heritage.  Years ago, Elbert W. Allen established a standard that is still in use today; they search the globe for the finest materials to use to create footwear…footwear that has grown in popularity over the years.  Not just with businessmen worldwide, but in the White House and even Hollywood.

Adam Sitzmann represents Allen Edmonds, still made in the USA.  Adam’s dad owns the best men’s stores in Iowa so he literally grew up in the business.  Adam graduated from the University of Iowa and for the past 3 years he has been with Allen Edmonds where he manages 10 states and trains the stores internationally.   His travels abroad have led him to conclude Made in America still means the best in tailoring and footwear. [alert style="green"]

Buy any pair of Allen Edmonds and get a FREE shoe tree.



For over a decade, VK Nagrani has worked to create the ultimate collection of men’s hosiery and underwear.  Combining function, fashion and sophistication, the collection has earned its place as the premium brand in men’s foundation wear.  Each piece is manufactured by a fair-trade, family owned production facility and distributed only through family owned specialty stores. Production for socks is limited to no more than 312 pairs per color and designs are never repeated.  The underwear is created using the best possible Peruvian Pima Cotton and requires on average one hour of hand work to finish the garment.


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Buy 4 pair of VK Nagrani socks or underwear and the 5th is FREE.


Megan E. Spivey's diverse lineage coupled with her living in the Far East, Europe, and the USA as an Air Force brat, define her present day life style and inspirations.  Wherever she goes, she adapts and takes even the smallest details of her surroundings, forever finding the art in nature.   Little did she know her curiosity with nature would develop into a creative outlet for jewelry design.

Spivey’s introduction to the professional jewelry world began in 1990 when she assisted Caroline M. Finberg of The Antique Jewel Box.  Ms. Finberg, a third generation Antique Dealer and the authority on vintage and antique cufflinks became her teacher and mentor for over two decades.

In 2003, Spivey moved to NYC and studied at The Gemological Institute of America in Manhattan, New York.  Shortly after she received her Gemology degree she worked for Sol Rafael, a women’s jewelry designer who has accessorized celebrities such as Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx.  This was her introduction to exclusive diamond jewelry.

Tumbled and now polished, her work is a result of the various environments she has explored. Spivey not only encompasses a cross-cultural feel to her designs, but she also spans time periods, bringing lost antiquated treasures to the market in a modern way

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Buy any Spivey cufflink and the second pair is 25% off.


Life is filled with experiences that mold us. Edward Armah took his first humble steps into the world of fashion about ten years ago. While managing a fashion segment, In Style, at a local radio station in his native country Ghana, he developed an intense passion for the fashion industry.

In 1998, Armah went to London, United Kingdom, to learn more about fashion. He worked in a custom shop, where he concentrated on fashion design and he sketched clothing styles for leisure. Soon, he realized that London could not quench his escalating thirst for fashion.

He put his experience to test by working for Saks Fifth Avenue, another high-end retail store. Later in his career, he worked for Oxxford. While there, he spent time with experienced tailors in Chicago. Inspired by his eclectic mix of experiences Edward Armah was ready to embrace his own luxury men’s dress furnishing line.

In 2009, Edward Armah’s fascination of butterflies and their different species led to the birth of BUTTERFLY BOWTIES LLC, now EDWARD ARMAH a company that designs, manufactures, markets and sells a branded line of high end luxury men’s dress furnishings including handmade bowties, ascots, vests, silk robes and pocket circles. EDWARD ARMAH, the brand, aims at creating the most innovative and finest men’s dress furnishings. [alert style="green"]

Buy 4 of Edward’s bowties or pocket rounds, and the 5th is FREE.


Back to school - it's Shirts 101

Whether you call them wovens, button-downs or button-ups, shirts are not only an essential 'basic', but can be a focal point for a stylish guy. Whether stand alone or layered; the shirt can say a lot about the man.  Here are a few key guidelines you need to know when it comes to the shirt.

To Wear in or to Wear out? Both are okay - but there are a few things you need to remember.  It's cool to un-tuck for a casual night out or hanging with the guys.  Length is the key, make sure your shirt isn't too long - don't want to look like your wearing your girlfriend's nightgown.  For business or for a more high-end occasion - start tucking.




Be Current Know this season's style and work it into your wardrobe.  We're not talking about Seinfeld's puffy shirt, we swear!  But, the shirt is the star, this fall's look is all about - bright colors, rich plaids and wrinkled fabrics.  For casual shirts look for great items from Peter Millar, Maker, Robert Graham, Robert Talbott, Victorinox, Eton, Southern Tide and Oliver Guinn.   For dress shirts: If you can find anything better than Eton call me. We sell it every day and have many satisfied clients who come back for more.  We can fit anyone and the colors and patterns rock.


Hope you've learned a little and gained some inspiration.  If that wasn't enough, we're just about giving you the shirts off our back with a great deal.  Now through December 24 we will give you a $50 gift card to the store with every  two casual or dress shirts you purchase.