Introducing the FLITELESS™ Debut Collection for Fall / Winter 2018

New York, NY, September 2018 – Super-performance dress shoe brand Fliteless™, is pleased to unveil the company’s debut collection of luxury men’s footwear, which masterfully blends technology, unprecedented comfort and timeless elegance. A revolution in footwear, Fliteless creates shoes that are faster, softer and smarter in order to keep up with the active lifestyle of a modern man on the go. Featuring a high-tech sole system never before used in shoe construction, Fliteless is the first brand on the market to offer shoppers a choice in shoe support that complements and enhances their lifestyle.


Fliteless founder Johan Ringdal, a Norway-born and Parsons trained footwear industry veteran who launched SWIMS in 2005 (a brand that transformed traditional “galoshes” for the 21st century), is no stranger to challenging traditional paradigms of footwear. After the successful sale of SWIMS to an American entity, a somewhat ordinary day shopping for mattresses with his wife sparked the idea for Fliteless. People can choose the softness of their mattress to suit their preference, and they can do the same with sneakers to suit their athletic endeavors – but why can’t they do the same with dress shoes in which they spend so much of their day? Diving right into a deep study of the current dress shoe market, Ringdal noticed a significant gap in the space for shoes that are ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable and sophisticated at the same time. Determined to modernize an industry that has remained stagnant for centuries, Fliteless was born.

“Our idea for Fliteless is to remove the misery caused by uncomfortable dress shoes for the guy on-thego,” says Founder Johan Ringdal. “I see too many guys commuting in thousand-plus-dollar suits with sneakers and carrying their dress shoes in their bag. Through this project, we’ve reengineered the dress shoe from the sole up – and by offering two sole densities to suit specific lifestyles, we’re able to perfect the individual walking experience to reduce strain and body tension. Essentially it’s a concept of increased well-being – wrapped in detailed craftsmanship and very luxurious leathers.”

In 2016 Ringdal reconnected with two SWIMS colleagues who helped shape the business into a global success to begin work on Fliteless. New York-based Paul Fleming, former Director of Sales at SWIMS, joined the team as Co-Founder & President and Oslo-based Anders Sverdrup Dahl, former CFO of SWIMS, joined as Co-Founder. Together, the team aims to transform the dress shoe industry and provide men with an option that checks all the boxes for modern-day living.

The unique production technology of Fliteless shoes puts the brand into a category of its own as it ensures reduced tension on the knees, back, and other joints, while improving mobile performance. Fliteless’ proprietary compound allows the brand to provide a range of customizable sole experiences, resulting in the absolute softest and lightest dress shoes on the market today. Collections are produced in Portugal using the finest European leathers and suedes atop a high-tech, expertly tested patent-pending performance sole, which is available in two distinct options to the consumer.

Since the inception of footwear, men have had limited opportunity to customize footwear soles to fit their needs and preferences. Now thanks to Fliteless, shoppers can choose a sole that perfectly complements their lifestyle; the two sole options offered by the brand include “Energy Rebound” and “Soft Bounce”:

Energy Rebound.png

The “Energy Rebound” construction (defined by the burgundy bounce pads on the shoe’s profile) features the FLITE DBL SOFT outsole – a responsive bottom with medium softness, enabling a quick pace and rebound when on the move. Energized Rebound soles are ideal for consumers with a desk-oriented job that requires short bursts of running around town, but generally less time on their feet.

Soft Bounce.png

The “Soft Bounce” construction (defined by the yellow bounce pads on the shoe’s profile) features the FLITE TRI SOFT outsole – a remarkably soft outsole for slower but lengthier performances, specifically designed for those with jobs or commutes that require consistent movement on one’s feet.

The debut Fliteless collection for Fall / Winter 2018 includes seven shoe style essentials – all available in both sole experiences, which are tailored for the shoppers individualized needs. The shoe’s base is constructed with a FLITE-LITE sole made of the brand’s signature rubber foam blend and dual rubber profiles. It’s engineered specifically to seamlessly merge with the brands proprietary bounce pads for targeted ergonomic support that lasts all day. The sole construction is then molded to an HD Thermoplastic FLITE Shank – a customized, anatomically patterned, metal-free support structure designed to reduce strain and promote movement. All Fliteless insoles are crafted using premium calf leather, with a foot bed base produced using memory foam. All uppers are made in luxurious leathers from Italian and English tanneries using generations of Portuguese craftsmanship.

“The last decade in fashion has been fueled by the casual activewear and sneaker culture, and we believe that there is now a growing need for enhanced performance and comfort in the dress shoe category as well,” says Fliteless Co-Founder and President, Paul Fleming. “The Fliteless concept is rooted in finding innovative solutions that challenge the status quo for the benefit of the customer – and our distribution strategy will be based on that same ethos in what we’re calling ‘customer-first, DTC-led, wholesaledependent.’ We think we have a meaningful way of enhancing the e-commerce dress shoe shopping experience for the modern guy, but we still believe in the importance of strategic wholesale partnerships, so our goal is to give our wholesale customers a choice in how they partner with us, just as we do with our individual customers.”

Just like the company’s mascot, the ostrich – a flightless bird that also happens to be the fastest running land animal over long distances, Fliteless aims to offer men sophisticated shoes that won’t slow them down as they embark on each day’s adventures.

The Fliteless Fall / Winter 2018 Collection ranges in price from $280 to $365. For more information on Fliteless or to shop the collection, please visit