Denim and Dogs


If ya want them trained - do it yourself! They provide comfort when all the world seems against you. They can get cleaned up, yet roll in the dirt as soon as they get outside. They remain steadfast in their devotion to you - they are your best friend. Your jeans or your dog? The devotion of a pet owner amazes the onlooker. There is nothing an owner will not do for his dog and nothing a dog won’t do for his owner.

The conversation that day on the B-Line centered on the friendship these men have with their dogs. They are there for them was the consensus. It is the essence of friendship for us all to have someone there for us in times of joy and sorrow. Some of the dogs are from breeders and some were rescued from harmful situations but they all have a special kinship with the owner.

Jeans also offer comfort after being trained. You have to wear them a few times before they are used to your shape and where you like them to hang. Some come pure with no wash, some come rough and torn, but all need an owner to fit right. This season we offer jeans from Raleigh Denim, Citizens of Humanity, AG and more. Like their suit counterpart, every jean fits differently with unique styling. We will advise you as to which are best for you.

Don’t think that the jean in the window is right without putting it through a test. Treat them like your best friend and we guarantee in good times or in bad, your jean will always be there.

Recently, we met up with a few of our friends and their best friends for a stroll around downtown Bloomington and along the B-Line Trail. Get to know the guys and their dogs as we feature them below.


John Lee & Bergen

John Lee is a Bloomington psychotherapist. He specializes in helping patients as they transition through some of life’s major moments like relationships, careers, parenthood or retirement. He is also working on a book that will capture the unique aspects of dating in the 45-65 year-old demographic. Just as he helps his own patients through life’s most challenging moments, John’s loyal sidekick, Bergen is always there for John and his family. Bergen, a six-year-old Bernese Mountain dog is a big, shy guy who loves to eat and comes from a breed that pulls wagons and guards his master and family. Bergen is also a master counter surfer and has been known to take down an entire turkey carcass! Bergen and John have a great bond that you can clearly see in the photos.


Randy & Watson

Randy is the creative director at Cardinal Stage Company here in Bloomington. Randy and Watson are still getting to know each other but as you can see, they are getting along beautifully. Randy and family adopted Watson about three months ago when his other family was unable to care for him. Randy and his family are having a great time getting to know this little two-year-old and finding out about all his little Schnauzer quirks.


Bill, Molly, & Joe Frazier

Bill Murphy is a CPA and handles financial planning analysis and complex divorce cases at Mallor Grodner. Bill is pictured with Molly and Joe Frazier who both came from a family in Danville, Illinois. After beginning life on the farm with their breeders, Molly and Joe have been having a blast here in Bloomington at their forever home.


Josh, Josie, & Jasper

Josh is pictured with Josie and Jasper. Josh is the Chair, Undergraduate Program and the Glaubinger Chair for Undergraduate Leadership at the Kelley School of Business here at IU.  He is husband of Shelli Yoder, a local candidate for Congress. Josie’s name is actually an acronym for the whole family (Josh, Oakley, Shelli, Ivy & Eden). And Jasper seems to really love to bark at train whistles. Lucky for Josh and family, their neighborhood is within earshot of a train that passes through daily. Josie and Jasper definitely keep the family on their toes!


Ian & Riggins

Ian is a Partner and Senior Advisor at Innovative Financial Solutions, a Wealth Management firm here in Bloomington. Ian shown with Riggins their four-year-old Porkie (Pomeranian, Yorkie Mix), notes that Riggins really lives up to his namesake, the rough and tumble character Tim Riggins from TV’s “Friday Night Lights”.