Denim and Dogs


If ya want them trained - do it yourself! They provide comfort when all the world seems against you. They can get cleaned up, yet roll in the dirt as soon as they get outside. They remain steadfast in their devotion to you - they are your best friend. Your jeans or your dog? The devotion of a pet owner amazes the onlooker. There is nothing an owner will not do for his dog and nothing a dog won’t do for his owner.

The conversation that day on the B-Line centered on the friendship these men have with their dogs. They are there for them was the consensus. It is the essence of friendship for us all to have someone there for us in times of joy and sorrow. Some of the dogs are from breeders and some were rescued from harmful situations but they all have a special kinship with the owner.

Jeans also offer comfort after being trained. You have to wear them a few times before they are used to your shape and where you like them to hang. Some come pure with no wash, some come rough and torn, but all need an owner to fit right. This season we offer jeans from Raleigh Denim, Citizens of Humanity, AG and more. Like their suit counterpart, every jean fits differently with unique styling. We will advise you as to which are best for you.

Don’t think that the jean in the window is right without putting it through a test. Treat them like your best friend and we guarantee in good times or in bad, your jean will always be there.

Recently, we met up with a few of our friends and their best friends for a stroll around downtown Bloomington and along the B-Line Trail. Get to know the guys and their dogs as we feature them below.


John Lee & Bergen

John Lee is a Bloomington psychotherapist. He specializes in helping patients as they transition through some of life’s major moments like relationships, careers, parenthood or retirement. He is also working on a book that will capture the unique aspects of dating in the 45-65 year-old demographic. Just as he helps his own patients through life’s most challenging moments, John’s loyal sidekick, Bergen is always there for John and his family. Bergen, a six-year-old Bernese Mountain dog is a big, shy guy who loves to eat and comes from a breed that pulls wagons and guards his master and family. Bergen is also a master counter surfer and has been known to take down an entire turkey carcass! Bergen and John have a great bond that you can clearly see in the photos.


Randy & Watson

Randy is the creative director at Cardinal Stage Company here in Bloomington. Randy and Watson are still getting to know each other but as you can see, they are getting along beautifully. Randy and family adopted Watson about three months ago when his other family was unable to care for him. Randy and his family are having a great time getting to know this little two-year-old and finding out about all his little Schnauzer quirks.


Bill, Molly, & Joe Frazier

Bill Murphy is a CPA and handles financial planning analysis and complex divorce cases at Mallor Grodner. Bill is pictured with Molly and Joe Frazier who both came from a family in Danville, Illinois. After beginning life on the farm with their breeders, Molly and Joe have been having a blast here in Bloomington at their forever home.


Josh, Josie, & Jasper

Josh is pictured with Josie and Jasper. Josh is the Chair, Undergraduate Program and the Glaubinger Chair for Undergraduate Leadership at the Kelley School of Business here at IU.  He is husband of Shelli Yoder, a local candidate for Congress. Josie’s name is actually an acronym for the whole family (Josh, Oakley, Shelli, Ivy & Eden). And Jasper seems to really love to bark at train whistles. Lucky for Josh and family, their neighborhood is within earshot of a train that passes through daily. Josie and Jasper definitely keep the family on their toes!


Ian & Riggins

Ian is a Partner and Senior Advisor at Innovative Financial Solutions, a Wealth Management firm here in Bloomington. Ian shown with Riggins their four-year-old Porkie (Pomeranian, Yorkie Mix), notes that Riggins really lives up to his namesake, the rough and tumble character Tim Riggins from TV’s “Friday Night Lights”.


Climb the Corporate Ladder

We are Climbing Corporate's Ladder. Destination — the job we want, the money we want, the look we want. So many wants and yet the ladder gets taller and the heights get higher. One rung at a time.

A great many of us attended a school of choice, elected employment at a job of choice, and yet still we don’t wear a garment of choice. Does office casual leave you puzzled with only denim jeans as a solution? Keep the denim jeans for the weekend and start with a better pair of trousers. Still at a loss? Can’t change ladders half way up. Get a coat to wear over casual pants. Establish your own standard for casual dress and fulfill it with new simply easy pieces. Leave the golf shirt at the club and put on a linen shirt under a sport jacket. Purchase a better sport shirt for even under a solid suit. If necessity still dictates shirt and tie, then put thought into the choice with pattern and color.

Scott Barber

Scott Barber designs and selects fabrics that will flatter you and meet your high standards for look, feel and performance. Meticulous attention is paid to fit, so that you will be comfortable and look your very best. Every detail is important to them, from materials and color palettes to construction details. Scott Barber pays close attention to the width of a belt loop, the color of a button and the depth of a pocket. Everyone at Scott Barber wants to exceed your expectations and become your favorite clothing brand. When you’re complimented on how good you look, they’ve done their job. Above all else, they want to help you to be well dressed and spend your money on clothes that are really worth owning.

Buy Any Scott Barber Coat, Shirt, pant or short and get the second half off.* We'll complete the perfect gift of Scott Barber by wrapping it in our AD blue box.

*Expires on Sunday, June 19. Second item of equal or lesser value. May not be combined with other offers and no price adjustments. In stock only.

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johnnie-O: The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Right place, right time. So goes the story for the birth of johnnie-O apparel and now one of the must see lines for summer at Andrew Davis. It was back in 2004 that founder John O'Donnell was helping a friend with what might be called a "hobby". Little did O'Donnell know at the time that this so called hobby would turn into what it is today! Growing up in Chicago, having lived in Wisconsin, spending lots of time on the east coast and now living in southern California, O'Donnell had been exposed to all walks of life, from the midwest farmer to the east coast prep to the west coast "dude". The stage was set to build an apparel brand whose recipe included just a dash of flavor from all of the above.

As word quickly spread about the johnnie-O brand, an emergence of shoppers looking to "step out" in a classic yet fun way, followed suit. From its humble beginning as just an ordinary polo shirt, the johnnie-O line has evolved into an apparel and lifestyle brand distinctly defined as "west coast prep". The brand has attracted the likes of celebrity personalities including NFL quarterback Drew Brees, tennis legend Pete Sampras, baseball ace Barry Zito, as well as actors Adrian Grenier of Entourage, Luke Wilson, and of course John’s brother, Chris O'Donnell.

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Grounds for Appeal

Men can have personal style that stops just at the trouser bottom and then right there is the horror of a bad shoe. We positioned some of our favorite casual styles for the season over items from one of our favorite coffee shops. A taste for can range from a cookie cutter West Coast chain to a local flavor like Hopscotch — it’s all about choice. Well, your shoes need some choosing and perhaps a little caffeine to wake them out of a slumber.

Wake up and balance out your personal style with a shoe of practicality and substance. This season continues the trend of athletic inspired footwear for casual office attire. When times are tough, we take our coffee seriously! When times are tough, we take our shoes the same — strong!

Hopscotch opened last year and the most perfect Sunday in Bloomington is a visit to Andrew Davis and a walk along the B-Line to Hopscotch. The owners, Jeff Grant and Jane Kupersmith, have created an eclectic environment and a business that is both family and eco-friendly. Celebrate Bloomington at Hopscotch.

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Summer Nuptials

sfw13 Summer weddings are a given for our social calendar in June and July. These events present quandaries for the modern gentleman.

What to wear?

Andrew Davis believes that the outfit should suit the occasion. A summer hued sport coat for the wedding and reception of country club formality should be a choice of the respect for the setting. A service with reception at Lake Monroe takes a more casual simple outfit of shirt and linen trousers.

What to give?

In The Modern Gentleman, A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy & Vice by Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro, the authors offer this advice on gifting for weddings.

“While writing a check or choosing from the registry is suitable for most, closer friends and family deserve singular attention. Don’t give your lifelong chum a seven piece saucepan set; let others make the domestic purchases of bone china and candlesticks. Creativity aside, a cash gift of $125.00+ for struggling newlyweds is on the money. Anything less barely covers your chair-rental cost at the ceremony. If the pockets are light, pool resources among friends for a colossal bequeath of a large screen television or first class hotel accommodations on the honeymoon. Lastly, do not impose your avant garde taste upon the conservative. Margaret and Donald might not like the geometric mobile sculpture or minimalist armchair.”

Good suggestions to heed. Lastly, pay attention to the presentation of your gift. A brown bag with a bow is not acceptable and an envelope is easily lost. Let a professional do the wrapping for you.

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The Basic Necessity of a Great Sport Coat

No one article of clothing can get a man into any situation better than a great sport coat. With jeans as the pant of choice, the sport coat adds a layer of sophistication. If your pant choice is more toward country club golf pro, then the proper solid sport coat will tone down even the wildest plaid trouser. And, the truth of the matter is that men look better in a jacket. When you put on a jacket, it gives you structure and authority, and is slimming and flattering (if fitted properly). There is no better time than the present to add some great sport coats to your wardrobe.

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Black Tie

Screenshot_3_30_16__12_00_PMWhen the weather starts to make a turn for the best (and soon it will), most people are thinking polo shirts, golf, and major amounts of sun block; but me, I see the signs of spring as the start of a new season of formal charity events, formal balls, and most of all, weddings. Depending on your calendar invites, Facebook notifications, and how many friends your spouse has, you may have a few formal events sprinkled throughout the year, and you may be trying to decide between investing in your very own tuxedo, suit, or making the best of a rental. Whether you're renting or buying, remember that a "black tie" event is a sign that what you're attending is of the utmost importance and deserves your best. As Tom Ford has stated, "Dressing well is a form of good manners." So along with “no elbows on the table,” remember that dressing well starts with fit. It’s crucial, especially if it's your wedding.

We realize that not everyone needs or can afford a new tuxedo, so we have worked diligently to find the best rental options for you. If we measure you, we guarantee the fit. We can tell you horror stories of rental tuxedos measured at big box stores or national discount retailers that have been total disasters. Our in stock tuxedos are priced very attractively and are a great value.

Now for those of you looking to invest in your formal wardrobe, or have way too many events, getting a custom-made tuxedo or suit is always your best bet. Not just for fit purposes, but as design goes, it doesn't hurt to have options. From lapel types and widths to linings, monograms, and buttons, it’s actually fun to design your custom tuxedo or suit.

So as formal season descends upon us, make sure you're prepared. I can promise you, if you're looking good, you'll actually be excited to go to another wedding or gala. We also have the perfect shoes and accessories. We want you to look the best at the party. Those pictures last a lifetime. Dress for it.

Be Seen Bespoken

One of the joys of being the manager of Andrew Davis Bespoke is working with clients to see a vision come to life. The vision may be for a bespoke wedding or for your first professional job. I've had the experience of seeing a person’s confidence come to light and the motivation created by dressing well.

As a lifetime jazz musician and music lover, I approach each client without hard and fast rules. Bespoke clothing is spontaneity and creativity. I listen, react, improvise and create with my clients. Whether a bespoke suit or tuxedo for a wedding, or suits and sport coats for work, I find out where my clients want to be with their clothing and give greater value to their purchase.

Dress with the utmost discernment.

-John Porter

Noah Waxman

While strolling the streets of Amsterdam, Noah Waxman noticed a collection of unusual shoes in the window of an unassuming Dutch home. They were so beautiful, different and clearly handmade, that Noah found himself ringing the doorbell to learn anything and everything he could about these shoes. The man who answered the door explained that he had made them, and offered to introduce Noah to the skilled craftsmen who taught their artistry in the nearby city of Utrecht. Taking him up on the offer further than he would have ever imagined, Noah settled in Amsterdam and spent a decade dedicating his life to learning the craft of traditional shoemaking under masters in the field. Returning to the US, Noah launched his eponymous line of men’s footwear in 2013, creating a brand committed to offering the highest quality product to men in search of something at once classic and unique. His love for all-American style coupled with his classic European training has resulted in a new and notable brand that stands apart from mass produced labels.

Stenströms defining style since 1899

Proudly celebrates 117 years of excellence

Stenströms has been creating timeless garments of the finest quality for 117 years. A long heritage of knowledge and passion shines through the collection, as does an awareness of what appeals to today’s fashion-conscious men and women.

Nothing is left to chance. Every cut and every seam is painstakingly planned and executed. Stenströms only work with the best materials and the most skillful weavers, and much of the production takes place in their own factory.  Then, as now, the label stands for tasteful quality, an eye for detail and timeless classics.

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February 18 : Samuelsohn + Magnanni + W. Kleinberg Spring Trunk Show


header Thursday, February 18, 2-7 pm

SAMUELSOHN Dorian Anderson will join us with exceptional fabric swatches for suits and sport coats and an enhanced in-stock collection for Spring.

box2 W. KLEINBERG One-of-a-kind luxury belts, custom made in exotic skins including alligator, crocodile, bison and snake. Mary Grace Douglas will be at the store to help with fitting and selections.

box3 MAGNANNI Footwear crafted by hand for exceptional comfort, flexibility, and elegant design. Colin Combes 

      Enjoy fine wines during our wine tasting with Big Red Liquors from 5pm - 7pm

What Makes A Nettleton Shoe?

Nettleton Shoe Facts

Why Nettleton Shoes – Nettleton Shoes are much more than just a pretty face. There is much deep inner beauty which is appreciated by gentlemen that know fine things and fine living. Below you will find a detailed description of our shoe construction and what you receive when you invest in a Nettleton Shoe. We have letters in our archive dating from the early 1900’s from WW1 soldiers and their experience with a Nettleton Shoe, letters from the U.S. White House from Presidents that have worn our product. Our customers have worn their Nettleton shoes for many years. Because they can be re-soled and reconditioned we know of cases where a father or grandfather passed on his gently worn pair of Nettleton Shoes to a son or grandson.


Nettleton Shoes – The way we make them is the difference.

It all starts with the “last” (the physical form of a foot over which the leather is pulled to give the shoe the style and fit that is desired).It is important to note that all Nettleton Shoes are made on combination last. This generally means that the width of the shoe at the ball is twice the width of the heel so that you get a fit that is close to the profile of the human foot. At Nettleton our last have been in place for generations to give the consistency in fit, style and durability we have always been known for. We have of course kept up with updating the last to match the changes in gentlemen’s feet over our 134 years in business.

We use the finest in calf skin leathers which have been tanned by the finest tannery in France. Nettleton Shoes are made from all natural products which make for durability, beauty and breath-ability. You know it is an authentic Nettleton Shoe by looking for our logo which is on the inside, side counter of the shoe. Look too for the Nettleton blue bobbin thread that runs along the inside stitch on the top line of the shoe. Look for the “dog ear” cut on the rear shoe counter, where possible we use this on every Nettleton Shoe; it makes us a touch more unique. Where possible, the tongue of the shoe is part of the original cut of the leather, it doesn’t have to be stitched on. Our shoes are hand finished, never sprayed, so that you start with a hand-rubbed natural surface meaning you will not have a buildup of non-natural materials on the beautiful outside leather upper. When we take a piece of leather, we make as few cuts as possible. We don’t get as many shoes out of a hide as others but we believe this is important. The fewer pieces that you have in a shoe the stronger and longer lasting it will be.



The outsoles of a Nettleton Shoe are themselves a statement in quality, durability, practicality. The outsole is produced in Germany by a company with a reputation for providing the highest quality product available. In normal wear you should see our outsoles lasting up to eight times longer than other shoes you may have. The leather is tanned using and oak-bark process which involves using biodegradable tanning agents such as bark and fruit. This method results in a product that is long lasting and dermatologically kind to your feet. The outsole is hand cut which allows for more precise finishing in the manufacturing of the shoe. It is hand stained for a beautiful finish. Our outsoles are never painted as with many other manufacturers. You can see the quality and flawlessness of the leather used. The leather is waterproof, abrasion resistant, tough yet flexible and very comfortable to wear. Because of its natural fiber structure it absorbs perspiration and helps with the breath-ability of the shoe.



The heel on a Nettleton Shoe is comprised of hand crafted stacked layers (four of them) of the same leather as the outsole. We take a double stacked piece of rubber for the outsole and cut away half of it for the bottom leather piece. The whole affair is glued and held in place by no less than fifteen brass tacks which wear at the same rate as the rubber and leather so that you do not find yourself sliding when you walk. Look at the breast of the heel (this is the curved inside edge of the heel) you can see how it all stacks up and comes together. This type of construction is known as either an English heel or a McAfee heel. All this fuss over hand crafted heels and outsoles are one of the reasons a Nettleton Shoe can be reconditioned many times over for a very long life.


Leather Lining

All Nettleton Shoes have a full leather lining, as much as possible it is made from a solid leather piece so as to provide minimal seams for strength and wearing comfort. The leather lining is not being used to cover up any synthetic materials in the shoe construction.We have nothing to hide. Notice where the side counter and the rear counter lining meet. You will find a butt seam so that the stitching ends up between the layers of leather and not protruding out where it might aggravate your foot during a day of wearing. Feel inside the inside top of the shoe for the smoothness and lack of annoying seams.

Luigi Bianchi Mantova

In 1898, 16-year-old Luigi Bianchi set off from the Italian province of Mantova bound for Turin, the storied capital of northern Italy's tradition of master tailoring. By 1911, he founded his own label — now known as Lubiam — and began designing luxury men’s clothing. Bianchi's company remains a family affair, but has evolved from a single line into a tailoring house with two distinct imprints: the casual-cool LBM 1911, and a more classically minded offering aptly titled Luigi Bianchi Mantova. Blending exquisite fabrics and expert fabrication with razor-sharp cuts, the company’s clothing includes canvassed suits, impeccable coats and blazers. One day you might pass your Luigi Bianchi Mantova linen and wool jackets down to your sons — that is, if you can bear to part with them.

Join us on November 6 and 7 the for the launch of Lubiam's new made to measure program with our great friend from Lubiam, John Besch.

"Mark your calendars for the next Trunk Show:

Luigi Bianchi-LBM 1911 Raleigh -Faherty Nettleton

We hope you will join us."

Jacket Required

blogpost Signs in better restaurants used to request that gentlemen wear jackets. These signs aren’t so common anymore, but I think wearing a jacket elevates your dining pleasure as well as your appearance. The sport coat should be your new best friend because it is one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe.  The sport coat is a useful holder for your phone and glasses and makes a man of any age, weight, or state of fitness look slim, trim, and polished.  With a vest and scarf the sport coat becomes outerwear in the fall.  With well-fitting jeans and a white shirt, a sport coat communicates sophisticated leisure. With a dress shirt, tie, and dress trousers, the sport coat completes a put-together look for many business and social occasions. Business meetings, dinner with the in-laws, drinks with friend, you name it: a sport coat can take you anywhere.

Stop in Andrew Davis and we’ll help you find the sport coat that’s perfect for you.

Southwick Fall Lookbook

Since 1929, Southwick’s business philosophy has been firmly grounded in the singular vision of its founders – a love of quality and craftsmanship.Made in the USA, Southwick is synonymous with authentic American style, natural shoulder comfort, quality, and fine fabrics.

Worn by presidents, ambassadors, corporate leaders and other men of distinction who chose Southwick to enhance their own style, not replace it. Southwick represents understated elegance and quality workmanship.