10 Reasons to Attend a Trunk Show

10. To laugh, relax, and enjoy the relationship you have with us at Andrew Davis Menswear!

9. To find the perfect shoe, belt, and sock to compliment your new clothing. 

8. To detail a garment with working sleeve button holes or ticket pockets.

7. To expand your choices and options for seasonal needs.

6. To support the local economy.

5. To receive a special offer available only that evening.

4. To experience a wine or scotch tasting with the best.

3. To meet a representative from the best manufacturers available.

2. To create a tuxedo, suit, or sport jacket/pant for an event that will stand out from the crowd.

1. To have a garment created for the most important person–you!

Mercer_Blue-001-min (2).jpg

Introducing Mercer Blue

We are confident Mercer Blue is the collection that everyone must have. Designed by the best stores in America using exclusive fabrications and made in the best factories in Europe, Mercer Blue is luxury and value.

The Luxe Group designed and merchandised Mercer Blue. Each piece complements the others and will work seamlessly with other value pieces in your wardrobe. The collection rivals collections from Zegna, Brunello Cuccinelli and others but at a fraction of the cost and with unique fabrics.

Each store in the Luxe Group wanted to give its clients the best value in an elegant and sophisticated collection that stands out from others. The collective work and taste level is on display at Andrew Davis and only available at a Luxe Group store.

Below are photos of the fall collection—enjoy them and stop by and see Mercer Blue.

Visit Mercer Blue at http://www.mercerblueclothing.com

Our Feature in Bloom Magazine

We are grateful to have been recently featured in Bloom Magazine. At a time when clothing can be purchased everywhere from big-box stores to online, our goal is to provide customers with personalized knowledge and a wide array of specialty store services. Our reason for being is creating lifelong and generational relationships. From your first visit, you'll discover how different Andrew Davis is from other clothing stores. Unexpected menswear resources fill our friendly environment and offer Indiana's best shopping experience.

We have many exciting announcements coming, so keep checking back for more.  Fall will be the best season ever so stay in touch and see you at the store.

Read the original story here.

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Father's Day Contest Winner: Josh Anderson

Our team would like to thank everyone who entered the Andrew Davis Father's Day Contest. We were inspired while reading the submissions and it was a difficult choice. Our winners this year are both named Josh, each exemplary examples of great Dads. On Monday we announced our first winner, Josh Perry. Today we are excited to share our other winner, Josh Anderson.

Josh is nominated by Laura Anderson who writes,

"From the moment our twins were born he has been the best father any one could ask for. When our twins were rushed to Riley in two ambulances after their birth, once we got settled into our room, he looked at me crying openly and said, “Thank you so much for our twins.” While I recovered from surgery he sat in a rolling chair going from incubator to incubator checking levels  and stats for 2 weeks with out end. He has continued to be that doting father ever since.  When our 3rd son was born Josh received his biggest fan.  Colton will openly tell me that “Dad is my best buddy but I love you too.” Josh works 70+ hours a week, but comes home and is laser focused on those kids.  After a long day of work, hungry and tired, if those boys want to go to the driving range to hit balls, he hops right back into the car and is out there with them. He’s out after dark shooting hoops with them. Before they go off to bed at night he takes all three of them individually and pulls them onto his lap, looks them in the eye and says words of encouragement and sends them off to bed with a hug and an “I love you buddy.”  The kids are convinced that he really is Superman and often rummage through his closet looking for his suit.  Josh ensures that they are exposed to cultural, and spiritual growth opportunities, and chooses to spend is resources on trips and private schooling to make that happen. He wants the children to know that a love and understanding of humanity and respect for the universe is more important that any sport.  But exposing them to sports is also important in teaching them the lessons in sportsmanship, perseverance, and pushing oneself past what your own expectations are of your abilities. His world revolves around giving those 3 boys the best and most well rounded up bringing any child could ever dream of.  I am honored to have him as a father for my children, and that’s why I feel like he deserves “Father of the Year."

Congratulations Mr. Anderson!

Father's Day Contest Winner: Josh Perry

Our team would like to thank everyone who entered the Andrew Davis Father's Day Contest. We were inspired while reading the submissions and it was a difficult choice. Our winners this year are both named Josh, each exemplary examples of great Dads. 

Josh Perry Teacher, Coach and Mentor

Josh is nominated by Ivy Yoder, age 12. She writes, "My dad teaches me everyday how to be an ethical decision maker. He’s our coach. He’s our hero.. He teaches law and ethics at IU and brings the classroom to the dinner table every night, asking us hard ethical questions to make us better leaders.

My mother, too, wanted to make a difference in this world. My dad helped her do that. She ran for Congress in 2012 and 2016, and my dad helped make it possible. He kept the house clean, made meals, did laundry, and kept everyone sane.

I’m proud to nominate him for Father of the Year."

Congratulations Mr. Perry!

Happy Father's Day 2017

This blog post is dedicated to Dads. The photos are by Jeff Richardson of Richardson Studio.  Watching the shoot one could see the love of the dads for their sons and the genius of Jeff Richardson in capturing the perfect shot.  

We wish all dads a happy Father's Day. While we realize that clothes don't actually make the man, you can see by these wonderful photos they can give you a running start.

Mike Richardson is from Bloomington and owns FASTSIGNS and Midwest Color Printing with his wife, Maranda. They are the proud parents of Reed and Quinn. Mike is a graduate of the University of Evansville and has an MBA from Ball State. He and the boys love sports, including watching IU, the Evansille Aces and the Cubs. Mike is wearing a Peter Millar soft coat and shirt, Raleigh denim, Trask shoes and a G Inglese pocket square.

Jeremiah White lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Lisa and their sons, Teddy and Cam. Jeremiah graduated from IU and is a Corporate Finance and Asset Acquisition Consultant with Castle Tower Consulting. When not dressed in an Andrew Davis suit for work you can find him on his family farm with the boys and Lisa or at an IU, Pacers, or Colts game. Jeremiah is wearing a Circolo soft coat, Baldassari polo, Raleigh denim, Trask shoes, W. Kleinberg belt and styling some Randolph Engineering sunglasses.

Mike Herring is married to Christine Herring, a Senior Athletic Director at Louisville, where they now make their home. A graduate of IU, Mike has Hoosier Basketball as his number one sport to love and the Cardinals as his number one (when not playing IU). Mike's son Joey will soon be joined by a sibling. Mike is the Spine Rep for Medtronic and when not in operating rooms you can find him golfing, working out or hanging with his family. Mike is wearing an Andrew Davis Bespoke coat, Peter Millar Collection shirt, Raleigh denim, Trask shoes and an Edward Armah pocket square.

Sport Coats & Blazers

The sport coat is the centerpiece of a man’s wardrobe. For complementing an ensemble and setting off a unique, memorable look, a quality sport coat is tough to beat. Our sport coat collection features a nice mix of classic American and  Italian style that is sure to make you look more elegant whether paired with denim or dress trousers.

Properly fitted, which is our job, a great sport coat makes you look trimmer and becomes the place for your mobile phone, pen, and glasses.  Don't leave home without it.

We’d love to help you find a sport coat that suits your look.

Here are some great looks for you.

Uptown: Dining in Style

Our first visit was to the newest downtown restaurant, No Coast Reserve (NOCO). For our second visit, we went to the Uptown Cafe, a true downtown Bloomington tradition. This fall, the Uptown will be celebrating its 40-year anniversary. The Uptown is the gathering place for soccer fans, foodies, and friends. It is inter-generational, welcoming to all, and a place where wonderful food and hospitality is served every day.


Michael Cassady arrived in Bloomington in 1967 and fell in love with Bloomington's culture, diversity and big city offerings with small town charm. In 1976, Michael opened a small diner near the Bluebird.  Michael's Potato Omelet was born, along with other Uptown favorites.  Michael quickly outgrew the space as his fans and customers increased and in 1984 moved to Kirkwood. Michael is married to Crystal Cartmell, and they have seen their family and the Uptown grow. They have been active in youth soccer and Michael was President of the Cutters Soccer Club. Their sons went on to play at Division 1 schools, and Lake played on two Indiana championship teams.


Thank you Michael and Crystal for all you have done for Bloomington, for the Uptown, and for always being there for us.

John Hurlow hails from Clinton, IN and came to Bloomington to attend the Kelley School of Business. He returned because Bloomington is more relational than Indianapolis and a better fit for him and his family. John is a fee based financial planner and the President of Hurlow Wealth Management Group. His business model is to be transparent and give unbiased advice.  Hurlow Wealth now maintains offices in Bloomington and Indianapolis. John has been coming to the Uptown for over 25 years and his favorite dish is the Cajun Meatloaf. John met his wife Christy on eHarmony, and it has been a wonderful blending of six kids, travel and fun. Christy loves the red beans and rice at the Uptown, and they both love the new bar side of the Uptown.  


John is wearing a custom Samuelsohn suit, Eton shirt, David Donahue tie, and Magnanni shoes. He loves the service at Andrew Davis and finally finding quality clothing that fits.

Mike Cherkala has taken care of Bloomington families for over four decades, and is an owner at The Funeral Chapel. He and his wife Dana love to travel, especially to Chicago and to Miami’s South Beach. Mike's business model is also what he likes most about Andrew Davis:  compassionate attention to detail, being true to your word, and never compromising people's trust. Mike grew up in Bloomington and loves the eclectic diversity of people and cultures.  He and Dana frequent the Uptown, and his favorite feel good food is the Uptown’s famous pot roast with mashed potatoes.  


Mike is wearing a Luciano Barbera coat, Stone Rose sport shirt, Jack Victor dress trousers, W. Kleinberg belt, and Donald J Pliner shoes.  

View more fashion lines that we offer.

Denim and Dogs


If ya want them trained - do it yourself! They provide comfort when all the world seems against you. They can get cleaned up, yet roll in the dirt as soon as they get outside. They remain steadfast in their devotion to you - they are your best friend. Your jeans or your dog? The devotion of a pet owner amazes the onlooker. There is nothing an owner will not do for his dog and nothing a dog won’t do for his owner.

The conversation that day on the B-Line centered on the friendship these men have with their dogs. They are there for them was the consensus. It is the essence of friendship for us all to have someone there for us in times of joy and sorrow. Some of the dogs are from breeders and some were rescued from harmful situations but they all have a special kinship with the owner.

Jeans also offer comfort after being trained. You have to wear them a few times before they are used to your shape and where you like them to hang. Some come pure with no wash, some come rough and torn, but all need an owner to fit right. This season we offer jeans from Raleigh Denim, Citizens of Humanity, AG and more. Like their suit counterpart, every jean fits differently with unique styling. We will advise you as to which are best for you.

Don’t think that the jean in the window is right without putting it through a test. Treat them like your best friend and we guarantee in good times or in bad, your jean will always be there.

Recently, we met up with a few of our friends and their best friends for a stroll around downtown Bloomington and along the B-Line Trail. Get to know the guys and their dogs as we feature them below.


John Lee & Bergen

John Lee is a Bloomington psychotherapist. He specializes in helping patients as they transition through some of life’s major moments like relationships, careers, parenthood or retirement. He is also working on a book that will capture the unique aspects of dating in the 45-65 year-old demographic. Just as he helps his own patients through life’s most challenging moments, John’s loyal sidekick, Bergen is always there for John and his family. Bergen, a six-year-old Bernese Mountain dog is a big, shy guy who loves to eat and comes from a breed that pulls wagons and guards his master and family. Bergen is also a master counter surfer and has been known to take down an entire turkey carcass! Bergen and John have a great bond that you can clearly see in the photos.


Randy & Watson

Randy is the creative director at Cardinal Stage Company here in Bloomington. Randy and Watson are still getting to know each other but as you can see, they are getting along beautifully. Randy and family adopted Watson about three months ago when his other family was unable to care for him. Randy and his family are having a great time getting to know this little two-year-old and finding out about all his little Schnauzer quirks.


Bill, Molly, & Joe Frazier

Bill Murphy is a CPA and handles financial planning analysis and complex divorce cases at Mallor Grodner. Bill is pictured with Molly and Joe Frazier who both came from a family in Danville, Illinois. After beginning life on the farm with their breeders, Molly and Joe have been having a blast here in Bloomington at their forever home.


Josh, Josie, & Jasper

Josh is pictured with Josie and Jasper. Josh is the Chair, Undergraduate Program and the Glaubinger Chair for Undergraduate Leadership at the Kelley School of Business here at IU.  He is husband of Shelli Yoder, a local candidate for Congress. Josie’s name is actually an acronym for the whole family (Josh, Oakley, Shelli, Ivy & Eden). And Jasper seems to really love to bark at train whistles. Lucky for Josh and family, their neighborhood is within earshot of a train that passes through daily. Josie and Jasper definitely keep the family on their toes!


Ian & Riggins

Ian is a Partner and Senior Advisor at Innovative Financial Solutions, a Wealth Management firm here in Bloomington. Ian shown with Riggins their four-year-old Porkie (Pomeranian, Yorkie Mix), notes that Riggins really lives up to his namesake, the rough and tumble character Tim Riggins from TV’s “Friday Night Lights”.


Climb the Corporate Ladder

We are Climbing Corporate's Ladder. Destination — the job we want, the money we want, the look we want. So many wants and yet the ladder gets taller and the heights get higher. One rung at a time.

A great many of us attended a school of choice, elected employment at a job of choice, and yet still we don’t wear a garment of choice. Does office casual leave you puzzled with only denim jeans as a solution? Keep the denim jeans for the weekend and start with a better pair of trousers. Still at a loss? Can’t change ladders half way up. Get a coat to wear over casual pants. Establish your own standard for casual dress and fulfill it with new simply easy pieces. Leave the golf shirt at the club and put on a linen shirt under a sport jacket. Purchase a better sport shirt for even under a solid suit. If necessity still dictates shirt and tie, then put thought into the choice with pattern and color.

Scott Barber

Scott Barber designs and selects fabrics that will flatter you and meet your high standards for look, feel and performance. Meticulous attention is paid to fit, so that you will be comfortable and look your very best. Every detail is important to them, from materials and color palettes to construction details. Scott Barber pays close attention to the width of a belt loop, the color of a button and the depth of a pocket. Everyone at Scott Barber wants to exceed your expectations and become your favorite clothing brand. When you’re complimented on how good you look, they’ve done their job. Above all else, they want to help you to be well dressed and spend your money on clothes that are really worth owning.

Buy Any Scott Barber Coat, Shirt, pant or short and get the second half off.* We'll complete the perfect gift of Scott Barber by wrapping it in our AD blue box.

*Expires on Sunday, June 19. Second item of equal or lesser value. May not be combined with other offers and no price adjustments. In stock only.

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johnnie-O: The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Right place, right time. So goes the story for the birth of johnnie-O apparel and now one of the must see lines for summer at Andrew Davis. It was back in 2004 that founder John O'Donnell was helping a friend with what might be called a "hobby". Little did O'Donnell know at the time that this so called hobby would turn into what it is today! Growing up in Chicago, having lived in Wisconsin, spending lots of time on the east coast and now living in southern California, O'Donnell had been exposed to all walks of life, from the midwest farmer to the east coast prep to the west coast "dude". The stage was set to build an apparel brand whose recipe included just a dash of flavor from all of the above.

As word quickly spread about the johnnie-O brand, an emergence of shoppers looking to "step out" in a classic yet fun way, followed suit. From its humble beginning as just an ordinary polo shirt, the johnnie-O line has evolved into an apparel and lifestyle brand distinctly defined as "west coast prep". The brand has attracted the likes of celebrity personalities including NFL quarterback Drew Brees, tennis legend Pete Sampras, baseball ace Barry Zito, as well as actors Adrian Grenier of Entourage, Luke Wilson, and of course John’s brother, Chris O'Donnell.

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Grounds for Appeal

Men can have personal style that stops just at the trouser bottom and then right there is the horror of a bad shoe. We positioned some of our favorite casual styles for the season over items from one of our favorite coffee shops. A taste for can range from a cookie cutter West Coast chain to a local flavor like Hopscotch — it’s all about choice. Well, your shoes need some choosing and perhaps a little caffeine to wake them out of a slumber.

Wake up and balance out your personal style with a shoe of practicality and substance. This season continues the trend of athletic inspired footwear for casual office attire. When times are tough, we take our coffee seriously! When times are tough, we take our shoes the same — strong!

Hopscotch opened last year and the most perfect Sunday in Bloomington is a visit to Andrew Davis and a walk along the B-Line to Hopscotch. The owners, Jeff Grant and Jane Kupersmith, have created an eclectic environment and a business that is both family and eco-friendly. Celebrate Bloomington at Hopscotch.

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Summer Nuptials

sfw13 Summer weddings are a given for our social calendar in June and July. These events present quandaries for the modern gentleman.

What to wear?

Andrew Davis believes that the outfit should suit the occasion. A summer hued sport coat for the wedding and reception of country club formality should be a choice of the respect for the setting. A service with reception at Lake Monroe takes a more casual simple outfit of shirt and linen trousers.

What to give?

In The Modern Gentleman, A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy & Vice by Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro, the authors offer this advice on gifting for weddings.

“While writing a check or choosing from the registry is suitable for most, closer friends and family deserve singular attention. Don’t give your lifelong chum a seven piece saucepan set; let others make the domestic purchases of bone china and candlesticks. Creativity aside, a cash gift of $125.00+ for struggling newlyweds is on the money. Anything less barely covers your chair-rental cost at the ceremony. If the pockets are light, pool resources among friends for a colossal bequeath of a large screen television or first class hotel accommodations on the honeymoon. Lastly, do not impose your avant garde taste upon the conservative. Margaret and Donald might not like the geometric mobile sculpture or minimalist armchair.”

Good suggestions to heed. Lastly, pay attention to the presentation of your gift. A brown bag with a bow is not acceptable and an envelope is easily lost. Let a professional do the wrapping for you.

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The Basic Necessity of a Great Sport Coat

No one article of clothing can get a man into any situation better than a great sport coat. With jeans as the pant of choice, the sport coat adds a layer of sophistication. If your pant choice is more toward country club golf pro, then the proper solid sport coat will tone down even the wildest plaid trouser. And, the truth of the matter is that men look better in a jacket. When you put on a jacket, it gives you structure and authority, and is slimming and flattering (if fitted properly). There is no better time than the present to add some great sport coats to your wardrobe.

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Dining in Style

Bloomington features a vibrant and eclectic food scene attracting foodies from all over.  Foodies know the latest celebrity chef, the new dish, the right wine, and how to eat in style.  This is the first in a series featuring Bloomington’s great restaurants and eateries, its great chefs, and our favorite clients styled in AD best. We will flavor this with fashion and food ideas.  We start with our new neighbors No Coast Reserve (NOCO) and welcome them to the square. IMG_0404

NOCO is the vision of Dave Schell and Seth Elgar. Dave is from Evansville, Indiana, and after graduating from IU in 2003 decided to make Bloomington home. Dave started the Butcher’s Block in 2004. In 2013, with Seth Elgar, they started No Coast, originally next to the Butcher’s Block. The move to the square gives them increased capacity, and an ability to showcase Chef Elgar's culinary skills.

When asked what makes Bloomington special, Dave said: “It’s all about IU; the culture, music, fashion and quality of life. We have the same vision as Andrew Davis--to go above and beyond to care for our customers and every day show the care is there."

Seth began cooking at age 16. He spent six months in France for some fun on-the-job training and is from a large farm family. Seth loves the excitement of a busy night and shucking daily fresh oysters behind the bar and sharing his love of food.


Todd and Carol Whitlock are fixtures at most AD events where they love the clothing, food, drink and friendship.  Todd, as the owner of Todd Whitlock DDS, shares a passion with AD to make people look their best.  Todd and Carol have five kids between 20 and 32, and both have great fashion sense.  Todd is updated casual and is wearing his favorite Byron coat, Stone Rose shirt and Citizens jeans.  Carol manages Todd's office and is wearing clothing from Blond Genius.


Meet Mike and Mary Allen.  Mike is an attorney at Mallor | Grodner, focusing on business and litigation.  Mike met Mary when they both attended IU, and while they were both lifeguards at Lake Monroe.  Mary is an advanced oncology clinical nurse specialist.  After living in bigger cities, the small town values of Bloomington along with big city features eventually brought them back with their children.  They enjoy the diversity of Bloomington and its many opportunities for new experiences.

Mike is wearing a Southwick suit and his favorite Gitman shirt with a David Donahue tie. He is often seen in AD on Saturdays in AG jeans and loves the friendly staff and professional help.


Dominick DiOrio and our own John Porter will be married on May 28.  Dom and John met at a Christmas party in 2012 and share a love of music, theater, food, travel and fashion.  Dom is a professor at the Jacobs School of Music in Choral Conducting. He loves the collaborative side of conducting and is an all star in the field with an international reputation.  His travel schedule would tire most, but he loves to come home for John's Italian food.

John has Dom pretty well styled, but he was a client of AD before meeting John. Dom relates that he loves AD and fondly remembers needing a new suit for a critical performance. He says: “With only a few days to work, Macey took care of everything.  How I look is a huge part, and I go to Andrew Davis because the staff wants to help me and go the extra mile. It's also the best curated collection I have ever seen, and that includes living in large cities."

John is our Bespoke and Formal-wear Manager, but when he's not taking care of clients, he is a huge part of the B-Town music scene as a teacher and performer.

Dom is wearing a Stenstroms shirt, Prive blazer, Magnanni shoes and Meyer trousers.


Dr. Gerry Hash only left Bloomington for medical school and knew he always was coming home.  He has been in private practice as a podiatrist for 23 years and his patients are his biggest fans.  Gerry met Chrisy at Monroe Hospital and they share a love of family, travel, IU sports, Lake Monroe, and are resident foodies.  Gerry said: "Before AD I wore clothing that was way too big and never got a compliment.  Now I love getting dressed in my AD clothing and get compliments from other docs and Chrisy."


Abby and Sarah Perfetti met in 2010 and married on August 30, 2014. Abby is a vocalist and chorister, and handles content and social media for Visit Bloomington.  Sarah is a triathlete, swimmer and the Executive Director at Bloomington PRIDE.  They both love to cook; Abby is a great baker and Sarah a cook.   They love Bloomington’s cultural scene, craft beers, coffee houses and diversity.  Sarah is styled in a Gitman shirt, Edward Armah bow tie and AG Jeans.  Abby is wearing an Edward Armah bow tie and scarf, Robert Jensen pocket square and her own jeans.  Both are excited about the new AD Bespoke which will include custom clothing for women.


Cory Myers is the Vice President of Custom Solutions and is on the road constantly training and certifying law enforcement in public safety.  Cory has lived in DC, Chicago, Boulder, Princeton ,and Bloomington is the smallest city he has lived in but also his favorite.  He loves the community, quality of life, diversity and the people.  Cory and Laura love to travel, with Italy as one of their favorite destinations.  Cory is a creative short story writer and avid cyclist.

He is wearing a custom Hickey Freeman suit, David Donahue tie, Eton shirt and Noah Waxman shoes.  We have been after Cory to try custom for years and he said: “Now I understand why--there is something special about the fit and cloth. I shop at AD over Indianapolis stores because I can't find the selection, friendly staff, and service anywhere else.  There is one coat I wear from AD and I get compliments wherever I go."


IMG_1232 "We love the story about the man who followed a river and found his dream. Because it's true. Because it's not just the story of one man, it's the story of us. The story of America. A country built by people with the courage to dream and the conviction to make those dreams come true. By questioning the way it's always been done. By wondering what if. And asking why not. And by knowing that there's another way. A higher road. A way that's right and real. By leading, not following. Making a mark and leaving not just footprints, but blueprints for something better. Our way isn't the fastest or easiest, but we think it's worth the extra effort. We think you will, too.

It's a story that's still being written with bold strokes by people who are driven not by a paycheck, but by a passion for a life well lived. People who make their choices based not on simply what looks good, but on what feels right. Like Trask. Because like so many other things that are worth pursuing, they don't get old. They get better. And long after the others are relegated to the back of the closet, these are the ones you'll count on. Day by day. Year after year. A timeless style that's beyond trends, resistant to fads or fading away. An American icon that's earned its reputation one step at a time, one generation after another. It's our heritage and the Trask story."

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Black Tie

Screenshot_3_30_16__12_00_PMWhen the weather starts to make a turn for the best (and soon it will), most people are thinking polo shirts, golf, and major amounts of sun block; but me, I see the signs of spring as the start of a new season of formal charity events, formal balls, and most of all, weddings. Depending on your calendar invites, Facebook notifications, and how many friends your spouse has, you may have a few formal events sprinkled throughout the year, and you may be trying to decide between investing in your very own tuxedo, suit, or making the best of a rental. Whether you're renting or buying, remember that a "black tie" event is a sign that what you're attending is of the utmost importance and deserves your best. As Tom Ford has stated, "Dressing well is a form of good manners." So along with “no elbows on the table,” remember that dressing well starts with fit. It’s crucial, especially if it's your wedding.

We realize that not everyone needs or can afford a new tuxedo, so we have worked diligently to find the best rental options for you. If we measure you, we guarantee the fit. We can tell you horror stories of rental tuxedos measured at big box stores or national discount retailers that have been total disasters. Our in stock tuxedos are priced very attractively and are a great value.

Now for those of you looking to invest in your formal wardrobe, or have way too many events, getting a custom-made tuxedo or suit is always your best bet. Not just for fit purposes, but as design goes, it doesn't hurt to have options. From lapel types and widths to linings, monograms, and buttons, it’s actually fun to design your custom tuxedo or suit.

So as formal season descends upon us, make sure you're prepared. I can promise you, if you're looking good, you'll actually be excited to go to another wedding or gala. We also have the perfect shoes and accessories. We want you to look the best at the party. Those pictures last a lifetime. Dress for it.


"You get to a place where you’ve figured it out. That’s where it begins to look effortless. Lanai is for those who are comfortable in their element. And their element is virtually anywhere. Lanai is a collection of clothing for a new vanguard that moves between work, play and adventure without changing their nature.

Lanai believes that you should define your clothes, rather than let the clothes define you. It’s always a better fit.

Their goal is elemental luxury. Simple, not easy. Basic, not common.

The only way to get there is with uncompromising quality.

You can feel it in the exceptional touch of our material and see it in the distinctive detail of every stitch. As long as you’re rewriting the rules, you might as well be comfortable. Welcome to Lanai."

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Since 1929, Southwick’s business philosophy has been firmly grounded in the singular vision of its founders – a love of quality and craftsmanship.Made in the USA, Southwick is synonymous with authentic American style, natural shoulder comfort, quality, and fine fabrics.

Worn by presidents, ambassadors, corporate leaders and other men of distinction who chose Southwick to enhance their own style, not replace it. Southwick represents understated elegance and quality workmanship.

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