An Affair to Remember

When the weather starts to make a turn for the best (and soon it will!), most gentlemen are thinking polo shirts, golf, and sunny days by the water; but us, we see the waning signs of winter as the start to a new season of formal charity galas, elegant balls, and most of all, weddings.

As Tom Ford has stated, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” A “black tie” event is a sign that what you’re attending is of the upmost importance and deserves your best. So along with no elbows on the table, remembering to dress well is an absolute must.

Depending on your calendar invites, Facebook notifications, and how many friends your spouse has, you may have a few formal events sprinkled throughout the year. You may be trying to decide between investing in your very own tuxedo/suit option, or making the best of a rental. Regardless of choice, looking the part starts with the most crucial element, fit. Especially ringing true if it’s your wedding.

We realize that not everyone needs or can afford a new tuxedo, and in that regard we have diligently worked to find the best rental options for you. If we measure you, we guarantee the fit. We can tell you complete disaster stories of rental tuxedos measured at big box stores or national discount retailers. As a great value, our rental and specially curated in-stock selections will have you looking great at the right price.

For those of you looking to invest in your formal wardrobe, or have way too many events, getting a custom-made tuxedo or suit option is always your best bet. Not just for fit purposes, but as design goes, it does not hurt to have options. From lapel types and widths, linings, monograms and buttons, it’s actually an experience to design your custom tuxedo or suit!

So as formal season descends upon us, make sure you’re prepared. We can promise, if you’re looking incredible, you’ll actually be excited to go to another wedding or gala. We want you to look your best at the party. Those pictures and memories last a lifetime. Dress for it.

~Richie Gillespie
 Bespoke and Formalwear Manager