Ace & Everett: The Socks that give your ankles a voice.

Why Ace & Everett

Ace & Everett is named after and inspired by our grandfather, Raymond Everett Disch. Nicknamed Ace, his attention to detail always started with his socks. Today we carry on his tradition.


 Ace & Everett is a collection of hosiery focused on injecting a sense of fun and excitement back into the world of traditional menswear. 

Every sock begins with the finest raw materials: cashmere, silk, Merino wool, and organic Supima cotton. These are dyed into rich, saturated hues. Finally, our luxurious yarns are carefully at a 5th generation family owned and operated mill in North Carolina. Using the rare double cylinder jacquard knitting machine, our socks feature unique, three-dimensional designs inspired by the art and architecture of New York City.


Our aesthetic stands at the intersection of classic haberdashery, fine arts, and urban architecture. The SS18 collection reflects on the romance of the urban experience. Juxtaposing Kerry James Marshall's exuberant "Garden Project" series against Edward Hopper and Charles Sheeler's desolate streetscapes, this collection delves into the incongruities of city life.

Still, silent structures, a backdrop to frenzied pedestrians. Urban decay, a foil to the life that thrives within it. Verdant shoots, fighting to emerge from seams in a thick coat of asphalt. A gingham blanket in Central Park, a picnic on the grass framed by steel and glass spires. Rigid geometry yields to the wild and organic. Nature invades the man-made; the man-made, in turn, encroaching on nature. Frosty pastels tangle with saturated pigments for a riotous explosion of color. 

Relationship with Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis was one of the first stores to carry Ace & Everett in the United States. Owner Andy Mallor and his exceptional team have been ideal partners since our first season together. We can't thank them enough for taking a chance on our young brand and championing our collection.

Who wears A & E

A discerning man of confidence, who recognizes socks are the quintessential vehicle for male self-expression. Someone who appreciates American made quality, and the comfort of the finest raw materials cradling his feet. The Ace & Everett customer is subtly sophisticated but isn't afraid to add color or pattern into a beautiful ensemble. 

Your background

I am a fourth-generation entrepreneur who grew up in rural Hopewell, New Jersey before studying Sociology at Haverford College. After graduation, I spent two years consulting for Accenture and working on Ace & Everett during nights and weekends until I could join my brother Cody on this adventure full time. Since then we've dedicated ourselves to creating the finest socks in the land.