Introducing Mercer Blue

We are confident Mercer Blue is the collection that everyone must have. Designed by the best stores in America using exclusive fabrications and made in the best factories in Europe, Mercer Blue is luxury and value.

The Luxe Group designed and merchandised Mercer Blue. Each piece complements the others and will work seamlessly with other value pieces in your wardrobe. The collection rivals collections from Zegna, Brunello Cuccinelli and others but at a fraction of the cost and with unique fabrics.

Each store in the Luxe Group wanted to give its clients the best value in an elegant and sophisticated collection that stands out from others. The collective work and taste level is on display at Andrew Davis and only available at a Luxe Group store.

Below are photos of the fall collection—enjoy them and stop by and see Mercer Blue.

Visit Mercer Blue at