So often we hear “why should I wear that?” Our answer simply put is “Because you should!” Never let the place requiring your presence dictate the fashion. There are new forms and textures to be educated about every season, most of them comfortable, flattering and sexy. A suit does not just dictate boardroom uptight, it has become a foundation of metropolitan style especially when reinterpreted with an open collar dress shirt or knit shirt. Get out of the house and see what people are wearing in the bigger city we are becoming. You don’t see a baseball cap in the Columbia Club and Hawaiian shirts are thankfully reserved for theme parties. Who is in control of what you wear? You are. Dress with respect for the occasion and for yourself.

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Feeling funny about the way you dress. Funny ha ha? Or funny sad? What did a golf club feel like the first time you swung it? Was the first keyboard on your computer ergonomically correct? Feeling funny is good. It means we are breaking new boundaries in our life and taking chances.

Risk taking is not up your alley. The clothes are not your style. Here’s the rub, style is not fashion. Clothes don’t have style. You have style. Yes, you. You just may not know it. Because guaranteed, you exhibit style in other areas. You just have not trained it on getting dressed. We are trainers for style.

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Going out in public can be a risk. We have one chance to make an impression on a future boss, spouse, colleague, or mentor. Never be the one to ask why are you wearing what you are wearing. Be the one to answer because you want to — that’s why.

In the words of Deion Sanders: Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Play good, pay good.

Take a look at the style of our clients. It’s varied and different, but they all look good. Because you should!