Father's Day Contest Winner: Josh Anderson

Our team would like to thank everyone who entered the Andrew Davis Father's Day Contest. We were inspired while reading the submissions and it was a difficult choice. Our winners this year are both named Josh, each exemplary examples of great Dads. On Monday we announced our first winner, Josh Perry. Today we are excited to share our other winner, Josh Anderson.

Josh is nominated by Laura Anderson who writes,

"From the moment our twins were born he has been the best father any one could ask for. When our twins were rushed to Riley in two ambulances after their birth, once we got settled into our room, he looked at me crying openly and said, “Thank you so much for our twins.” While I recovered from surgery he sat in a rolling chair going from incubator to incubator checking levels  and stats for 2 weeks with out end. He has continued to be that doting father ever since.  When our 3rd son was born Josh received his biggest fan.  Colton will openly tell me that “Dad is my best buddy but I love you too.” Josh works 70+ hours a week, but comes home and is laser focused on those kids.  After a long day of work, hungry and tired, if those boys want to go to the driving range to hit balls, he hops right back into the car and is out there with them. He’s out after dark shooting hoops with them. Before they go off to bed at night he takes all three of them individually and pulls them onto his lap, looks them in the eye and says words of encouragement and sends them off to bed with a hug and an “I love you buddy.”  The kids are convinced that he really is Superman and often rummage through his closet looking for his suit.  Josh ensures that they are exposed to cultural, and spiritual growth opportunities, and chooses to spend is resources on trips and private schooling to make that happen. He wants the children to know that a love and understanding of humanity and respect for the universe is more important that any sport.  But exposing them to sports is also important in teaching them the lessons in sportsmanship, perseverance, and pushing oneself past what your own expectations are of your abilities. His world revolves around giving those 3 boys the best and most well rounded up bringing any child could ever dream of.  I am honored to have him as a father for my children, and that’s why I feel like he deserves “Father of the Year."

Congratulations Mr. Anderson!