Father's Day Contest Winner: Josh Perry

Our team would like to thank everyone who entered the Andrew Davis Father's Day Contest. We were inspired while reading the submissions and it was a difficult choice. Our winners this year are both named Josh, each exemplary examples of great Dads. 

Josh Perry Teacher, Coach and Mentor

Josh is nominated by Ivy Yoder, age 12. She writes, "My dad teaches me everyday how to be an ethical decision maker. He’s our coach. He’s our hero.. He teaches law and ethics at IU and brings the classroom to the dinner table every night, asking us hard ethical questions to make us better leaders.

My mother, too, wanted to make a difference in this world. My dad helped her do that. She ran for Congress in 2012 and 2016, and my dad helped make it possible. He kept the house clean, made meals, did laundry, and kept everyone sane.

I’m proud to nominate him for Father of the Year."

Congratulations Mr. Perry!