Climb the Corporate Ladder

We are Climbing Corporate's Ladder. Destination — the job we want, the money we want, the look we want. So many wants and yet the ladder gets taller and the heights get higher. One rung at a time.

A great many of us attended a school of choice, elected employment at a job of choice, and yet still we don’t wear a garment of choice. Does office casual leave you puzzled with only denim jeans as a solution? Keep the denim jeans for the weekend and start with a better pair of trousers. Still at a loss? Can’t change ladders half way up. Get a coat to wear over casual pants. Establish your own standard for casual dress and fulfill it with new simply easy pieces. Leave the golf shirt at the club and put on a linen shirt under a sport jacket. Purchase a better sport shirt for even under a solid suit. If necessity still dictates shirt and tie, then put thought into the choice with pattern and color.