Scott Barber

Scott Barber designs and selects fabrics that will flatter you and meet your high standards for look, feel and performance. Meticulous attention is paid to fit, so that you will be comfortable and look your very best. Every detail is important to them, from materials and color palettes to construction details. Scott Barber pays close attention to the width of a belt loop, the color of a button and the depth of a pocket. Everyone at Scott Barber wants to exceed your expectations and become your favorite clothing brand. When you’re complimented on how good you look, they’ve done their job. Above all else, they want to help you to be well dressed and spend your money on clothes that are really worth owning.

Buy Any Scott Barber Coat, Shirt, pant or short and get the second half off.* We'll complete the perfect gift of Scott Barber by wrapping it in our AD blue box.

*Expires on Sunday, June 19. Second item of equal or lesser value. May not be combined with other offers and no price adjustments. In stock only.

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