Summer Nuptials

sfw13 Summer weddings are a given for our social calendar in June and July. These events present quandaries for the modern gentleman.

What to wear?

Andrew Davis believes that the outfit should suit the occasion. A summer hued sport coat for the wedding and reception of country club formality should be a choice of the respect for the setting. A service with reception at Lake Monroe takes a more casual simple outfit of shirt and linen trousers.

What to give?

In The Modern Gentleman, A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy & Vice by Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro, the authors offer this advice on gifting for weddings.

“While writing a check or choosing from the registry is suitable for most, closer friends and family deserve singular attention. Don’t give your lifelong chum a seven piece saucepan set; let others make the domestic purchases of bone china and candlesticks. Creativity aside, a cash gift of $125.00+ for struggling newlyweds is on the money. Anything less barely covers your chair-rental cost at the ceremony. If the pockets are light, pool resources among friends for a colossal bequeath of a large screen television or first class hotel accommodations on the honeymoon. Lastly, do not impose your avant garde taste upon the conservative. Margaret and Donald might not like the geometric mobile sculpture or minimalist armchair.”

Good suggestions to heed. Lastly, pay attention to the presentation of your gift. A brown bag with a bow is not acceptable and an envelope is easily lost. Let a professional do the wrapping for you.

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