Noah Waxman

While strolling the streets of Amsterdam, Noah Waxman noticed a collection of unusual shoes in the window of an unassuming Dutch home. They were so beautiful, different and clearly handmade, that Noah found himself ringing the doorbell to learn anything and everything he could about these shoes. The man who answered the door explained that he had made them, and offered to introduce Noah to the skilled craftsmen who taught their artistry in the nearby city of Utrecht. Taking him up on the offer further than he would have ever imagined, Noah settled in Amsterdam and spent a decade dedicating his life to learning the craft of traditional shoemaking under masters in the field. Returning to the US, Noah launched his eponymous line of men’s footwear in 2013, creating a brand committed to offering the highest quality product to men in search of something at once classic and unique. His love for all-American style coupled with his classic European training has resulted in a new and notable brand that stands apart from mass produced labels.