Robert Jensen: Neckwear Mastery

Many of you remember when the majority of our neckwear was from Robert Talbott. The person behind Talbott’s taste level and quality was Robert Jensen. After his 30 plus years in the clothing industry, Bob continues to do what he’s best at, designing and producing wonderful four-in-hand ties. The fabric makes for a wonderful knot, never too thick or too thin. Construction is second to none, using a masterful double slip stitch (one inner and one outer stitch) to help increase the longevity of the tie, while also helping to maintain the shape of the tie as it’s worn. We’re proud to offer this wonderful collection of neckwear and pocket squares and to work with someone as passionate about his creations as we are about our store and our clients. Bob is also a special person who treats everyone as family and our loyalty to him is shared by all of his customers.

Bob is truly a neckwear artist. We love his taste level, and it’s our number one neckwear resource. Bob advises to simply roll your tie and place on a flat surface after wearing. The pressure of the silk rolled onto itself, along with the unique construction, will help eliminate the wrinkling.

Let’s close with a few words from Bob Jensen:

“Blessed with an unabashed ‘neckwear consciousness’ all my life…bows early, ‘story boarding’of all my shirts and ties at twelve, and seeing ‘design’ in everything around me. Off to college, Greek life, learning, getting the tradition: then, inspiring others to step up to quality and achievement; marriage, family, grad school, high-end retail, apprenticed to a neckwear legend, design career, serving and lifting others, gathering the talents of our well trained next generation and finally…the classic family neckwear business is born!”