Why a cheap suit is a bad investment!

Less expensive suits, from mass retailers, which sacrifice quality have canvas of low quality glued to the fabric. After a few trips to the dry cleaners, bunching of canvas against fabric will take effect and the jacket will have a very short life span. You are lucky to get one year from a poorly made suit. A full canvas garment should last many years depending on how well you treat your fabric. The cost per wearing of the suit from a mass retailer is actually much higher than a suit from a speciality retailer. The suit from Andrew Davis will fit better, last longer, and retain its shape far longer than suit from the mass retailer. The clothe, make, and quality of construction is not comparable. We trade in quality and impeccable style. We offer clothing, shoes and accessories that are worthy of being in a man’s wardrobe for years. We survey the marketplace and carefully edit the brands and items we will carry. From one season to the next, our clients find items they can combine with pieces purchased in the past. It allows you to continually evolve your wardrobe and your personal sense of style.