The Monk Strap Shoe

Somewhere between standard lace-up shoes and loafers is the monk strap shoe. This style is derived from some European monks of the Middle Ages who fashioned their footwear to be clean and simple.

Today it has many different interpretations for the varied needs and tastes of men. Some come with a single strap, while others sport two - and some even three, which we find a bit excessive. But regardless of how many straps the shoes have, one thing is for certain: they are one of the more interesting options of classic footwear for today.

From the austerity of black calf to the the casualness of snuff suede, the monk strap can be worn as easily with a tuxedo as with jeans and a sport coat. Their appropriateness will depend on the particular styling of each pair of shoes, but the genre is so versatile that one could have a pair of monk strap shoes for each look: casual, business casual, business and formal.

At Andrew Davis, the Magnanni monk strap is our go-to shoe. Perfected by the Spanish shoemaker, their shape, style, color and comfort are unparalleled in the world of monk straps. Slip a pair on. You won’t regret it!