Daniel Wellington Watches

Who is Daniel Wellington, you may ask?

Well the story begins with a trip half way around the globe where Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington, met a man who wore his admirable watches on old weathered NATO straps. This man’s name was Daniel Wellington and he had impeccable style, thus the name of the brand. The two became friends and inspiration for the fashion line was drawn by Wellington’s timeless style of fashion and impeccable class. These watches have been thoughtfully, creatively designed to fit any occasion in blending new ideas with timeless classic traditions.


The NATO Strap

NATO straps originate from the British navy. Here, strong nylon straps were used over the wet suits of divers. The NATO strap was originally made to avoid rust but there seemed to be a beautiful versatility to them when they started to change color which is eventuallywhat inspired the line of different straps with different colors and patterns each individually tied to the British Isles.


The Leather Strap

You can now personalize your DW watch to make it uniquely yours with interchangeable strap options available. These straps are durable since they are made of genuine Italian, quality leather and can be found in black and brown with a silver or gold plated brace.

A Watch for Every Occasion

The Daniel Wellington watch is easily suitable for any and every occasion. Whether you’re making a presence at a black tie event or enjoying time with friends on the beach, the Daniel Wellington is one complimentary companion.

Each and every watch face is specifically designed to be paired beautiful with the thin NATO and leather straps they can be ordered with. You could have a different watch for every week if you please!

We can’t wait to see your face when you leave with one of these timeless options.

See you soon!