Byron British Style

The British Have Landed at Andrew Davis Clothiers We just received the Spring 2015 Collection from Byron, British Style.

Every detail is scrutinized to complete the perfect fitting garment. From the fabric choices to each hand stitch in every Byron garment. Ultimately a suit jacket is judged by its fit, and the essence of the British look is to be trim and fitted, but not tight and still very comfortable. Those seemingly diametric notions have been perfected through generations of the British apparel industry. Although this look is particularly fashionable throughout the world today, we have always viewed this is as the proper fit.

It begins with a natural slope shoulder. The jacket body and lapel are constructed with a floating canvas chest piece that molds to the body. Tailored so that a gentleman can “feel” the garment on him. Executed in a manner that allows a freedom of motion, the overall affect is a compact and concise presentation.

An elegantly tailored garment is correct for all occasions. Worn with or without a tie. Or with your favorite dark wash denim, a Byron jacket is an expression of standards and personal style. We obsess over the details of fit, and allow the gentleman to make the look his own. The fit belongs to Byron. The rest is up to you.

The essence of the time tested British style is captured in every Byron garment. Or should we say, “tailored” in every Byron. Byron Spring 2015 Fashion are available at Andrew Davis Clothiers, Bloomington Indiana.

British Style at Andrew Davis

Byron at Andrew Davis

Byron Spring 2015