Quality Shoes Require Quality Care

Allen Edmonds shoes are sold at Andrew Davis
  • Polish shoes before the first wearing to protect the leather and allow for an easier shine later on.
  • Keep shoes looking new with regular cleaning and polishing.  Every leather is different and a knowledgeable sales associate can instruct you on which product is best suited to your shoes.
  • Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row.  You must give the leather the time it needs to dry from the moisture your foot has produced during wear.
  • Insert one hundred percent natural cedar shoe trees into your shoes to help retain shape and to absorb odor.  This is essential.  With each new pair invest in shoe trees.
  • Always use a shoe horn to keep the heel counter (the back of the shoe) from losing its stability.
  • If shoes get wet, insert cedar shoe trees while the shoes are still damp and allow to air-dry.  Avoid placing shoes near direct heat.
  • Heels should never wear down past the lift of the shoe.  Regular trips to the shoe-repair shop will maintain soles and uppers and keep your shoes looking their best.