Spring into Fashion with To Boot New York!

Why have fashion insiders and business professionals alike made To Boot New York their fine footwear choice for over 25 years?


To Boot New York's designer Adam Derrick is the men's footwear specialist. Each season he presents the To Boot New York collection, with many exciting casual styles that are modern, versatile, & wearable, as well as powerfully elegant new dress shoes for business and sartorial dressing. In the fall, he presents many great boot options , for spring the collection becomes more relaxed with the addition of moccasins, drivers and sandals. With close connections throughout the fashion industry and by anticipating the changes in menswear he is able to turn out new classics each and every season. Like the best menswear designers, Adam styles his collection with his clients varied lifestyles in mind. Most To Boot customers become loyal repeat clients and have shoes from seasons and years back that become "old friends", shoes they reach for again and again.


Adam knows his shoes can only be as good as the materials that he uses, and only first choice select Italian and French calf make the grade. The skins are hand-selected and hand-cut ensuring the highest quality product. From cutting to sewing and final polishing, each pair of To Boot New York footwear is the product of over 200 individual hand operations. Produced exclusively in Italy's finest factories this is modern footwear handcrafted with the great time-honored shoe making traditions.


By using only natural materials, fit trial testing, and incorporating the latest in comfort technology, To Boot New York offers some of the most comfortable and wearable footwear available today.

Meet Our Rep Josh Reighard

Josh is from Des Moines Iowa..  . He started his shoe career at the age of 18 and worked for Nordstrom department stores for 8 years, including stops in Denver, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, and Seattle, WA. After five years with To Boot New York Josh says “To Boot NY has been the most challenging and rewarding job of my young career. Being 1/5th of the sales team, including owner designer Adam Derrick, has been a tremendous opportunity in a field I love” . Josh and  his fiancé Leslie  will be getting married this September in Chicago.

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