The Benefits of wearing the right socks and underwear

“No one sees them”. “Who cares”.  “They are all the same”.  These are the misconceptions we hear every day when discussing socks and underwear with men.  To some degree it is true, but once you experience a quality product, your entire attitude will change. First and foremost, socks and underwear are the foundation of your wardrobe.  YOU should care because when you wear a great pair of socks and underwear, you feel great and by choosing a bold colour you get a quick mood enhancer.  Don’t believe it, try a pair of red socks and see how you feel.  After all, Sinatra wore orange every time he performed, Django Rhinehart chose red before every concert and President Bush, 41 opts for the boldest of colours.

What that should tell you is that real men not only understand but enjoy the power of the sock.  Once upon a time, a sock or hose depicted your social status.  In a sea of black and navy, why would you not want to express your individuality?   In addition, a cool pair of socks serve as a great ice breaker in a professional environment and offers a unique insight into your individuality in a social setting.

And underwear? Really?  You probably own various brands and I am willing to be that none of them provide your boys with the pleasure they so deserve. There are very few choices when it comes to true luxury underwear.  Go ahead, splurge on a pair of hand made underwear and see if your day is not that much better.

Written by VK Nagrani