Matching Dress Shirts with Pin-Stripe Suits

There are many men trying to figure out what to wear for a wedding or for work. Trying to match your dress shirts with a pin-stripe can be interesting especially trying to play with colors and patterns. There is a query from a gentlemen on how to put together his dress shirts with his pin-stripe suit. [alert style="orange"] Question: [/alert]

I was hoping I could get a little advice for a wedding in February. I am a male guest at a wedding of an extended family member. My sister is in the bridal party and all I have to wear is a black micro fibre-suit with faint grey pin stripes. I was hoping I could get some advice as to what colour shirt and tie I should wear to this event. The reception is at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

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Australia should be experiencing late summer and beginning autumn during this period. Firstly, I am not someone who goes for or even advice men to try micro-fibre fabrics. As much as possible, the natural fabrics are the preferred ones for suits. Refer to Mens Suits Fabrics for more details.

For safety sake, you can try medium blue dress shirts with patterns like Gingham checks, windowpane checks, or even variegated stripes (with different gradients of blue).

For ties, you can choose single colored like dark blue to stand out from the medium blue shirt. If you are adventurous, going for small polka dot (with wide space between the dots) would allow the possibility of playing three different patterns against each other.

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By: Leroy Fong