Fall Tip #4: The Art of Layering for Style and Warmth

Fall Tip #4:  The Art of Layering for Style and Warmth

In the sartorial world, we love winter. It’s a chance for us to add layers. Sport coats with sweaters, suits with scarves, overcoats and vests. The possibilities seem endless when combining textures and fabrics. Function and form come together, bringing us into a sartorial wonderland.

Fall Tip #2: Wear a knit blazer everywhere

Fall Tip #2: Wear a knit blazer everywhere

This fall, replace a sweater with a knit blazer for the same comfort, but with elevated style and utility.

Interior and patch pockets provide options to store your keys, wallet, phone, gloves, hat, etc. 

Introducing the FLITELESS™ Debut Collection for Fall / Winter 2018

Introducing the FLITELESS™ Debut Collection for Fall / Winter 2018

New York, NY, September 2018 – Super-performance dress shoe brand Fliteless™, is pleased to unveil the company’s debut collection of luxury men’s footwear, which masterfully blends technology, unprecedented comfort and timeless elegance. A revolution in footwear, Fliteless creates shoes that are faster, softer and smarter in order to keep up with the active lifestyle of a modern man on the go.

Why Every Man Needs a Great Blazer

Reason No. 1: It's masculine

The world's most manly men (Tom Ford and David Beckham ) are pretty much always in some sort of blazer.  You will stand out and be noticed.  You will get better service.  You will get more compliments.

Reason No. 2: It hides the beer and pizza

A formfitting blazer can create a completely new silhouette for your body -- even if you've been skipping the gym. Whether it's love handles, a spare tire or flabby forearms, the clean lines of a blazer will instantly make you look slimmer.

Reason No. 3: It plays well with others

The blazer is one of the few items of clothing in a man's wardrobe that can work with anything from knit tie to a T-shirt. In short, the possibilities are endless.  It works with jeans or dress trousers.  Never leave home without one.

How To Buy A Blazer

Tip No. 1: Shop for fit

That shapeless sack you've been wearing to job interviews and funerals isn't doing you any favors. The truth is most men buy their jackets at least one size too big based on some bizarre arm-stretching ritual that's meant to ensure a full range of motion (as if we're supposed to be doing calisthenics in a coat).  And, most big box stores will fit you too big because they do not know better.  Bad fit is a bad impression.

Blazer fit can seem like a dauntingly vague term, but its parts are actually quite simple and sensible. First, the entire jacket should follow the natural lines of your body. The back should lay flat, the armholes should be high enough to delineate your chest, the torso should taper inward to define your midsection, and the shoulders should end, well, where your shoulders end. Finally, the sleeve should show about a half-inch of shirt cuff, and perhaps most importantly, the proper length of the jacket should not be judged by standing stick straight to see if your hands can still cup the bottom. Instead, an easy rule of thumb is to get the blazer to barely cover your rear end.

Tip No. 2: Beware of style

There's a boatload of potential blazer styling blunders out there. But the biggest offenses undoubtedly come from guys who think they're ahead of the curve. You know, the ones topping off their untucked, loud double collar shirts with velour collars,, epaulets, and  rhinestone-studded sportcoats. Classic is better at every price and we won't let you buy it unless it fits and flatters.  Navy is the tried-and-true staple with which every man should start his collection.  But don't be afraid of patterns or other colors.  

Tip No. 3: You can find a great one for less than you think

 A tailored blazer can be had on any budget. We select the best for you at every price point.  And if you are tough to fit we can find the perfect custom blazer for you at much less than you think.  

Ace & Everett: The Socks that give your ankles a voice.

Ace & Everett: The Socks that give your ankles a voice.

Ace & Everett is a collection of socks focused on injecting a sense of fun and excitement back into the world of traditional menswear. Every sock begins with the finest raw materials, dyed into rich, saturated hues. These luxurious yarns are then carefully knit in the USA, resulting in unique, three-dimensional jacquard designs.

An Affair to Remember

When the weather starts to make a turn for the best (and soon it will!), most gentlemen are thinking polo shirts, golf, and sunny days by the water; but us, we see the waning signs of winter as the start to a new season of formal charity galas, elegant balls, and most of all, weddings.

As Tom Ford has stated, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” A “black tie” event is a sign that what you’re attending is of the upmost importance and deserves your best. So along with no elbows on the table, remembering to dress well is an absolute must.

Depending on your calendar invites, Facebook notifications, and how many friends your spouse has, you may have a few formal events sprinkled throughout the year. You may be trying to decide between investing in your very own tuxedo/suit option, or making the best of a rental. Regardless of choice, looking the part starts with the most crucial element, fit. Especially ringing true if it’s your wedding.

We realize that not everyone needs or can afford a new tuxedo, and in that regard we have diligently worked to find the best rental options for you. If we measure you, we guarantee the fit. We can tell you complete disaster stories of rental tuxedos measured at big box stores or national discount retailers. As a great value, our rental and specially curated in-stock selections will have you looking great at the right price.

For those of you looking to invest in your formal wardrobe, or have way too many events, getting a custom-made tuxedo or suit option is always your best bet. Not just for fit purposes, but as design goes, it does not hurt to have options. From lapel types and widths, linings, monograms and buttons, it’s actually an experience to design your custom tuxedo or suit!

So as formal season descends upon us, make sure you’re prepared. We can promise, if you’re looking incredible, you’ll actually be excited to go to another wedding or gala. We want you to look your best at the party. Those pictures and memories last a lifetime. Dress for it.

~Richie Gillespie
 Bespoke and Formalwear Manager

The Sport Coat-the Most Versatile and Necessary Part of Your Clothing Arsenal


A great sport coat can take you anywhere.  Here you will see the same coat styled for casual wear and with a tie for a more dressed up look.  You can pair it with jeans or dress trousers.  But never leave home without one--it is the place for your phone, glasses, pen and game tickets.  A well fitted sport coat makes you look trimmer and gets you noticed.


Trading Up

Trading Up

When is the last time you traded down for a home or car? Probably never. All of us appreciate and desire quality and uniqueness. It says something about us and our accomplishments. The same is true for clothing. You can find cheap, poorly made clothing at many stores. But there are only a few specialty stores where you can find and appreciate unique garments made of luxury fabrics with quality construction.



One of the hardest things about an overnight getaway or a business trip is knowing what to pack and what to leave behind. Unfortunately for most of us, that decision is often made by the ancient luggage we lug around with us everywhere. Without a doubt the first rule of any trip should be having the right bag, and it should be no surprise that there are some amazingly smart and stylish options out there. One of our favourites by far is the exceptional Garment Weekender bag from Hook & Albert.

What Makes the Difference in Wolf & Shepherd Dress Shoes?

What Makes the Difference in Wolf & Shepherd Dress Shoes?

Since the 1920’s, shoemakers have crafted dress shoes using the same dated manufacturing process, with little emphasis on comfort. Without compromising the timeless style and quality of classic footwear, Wolf & Shepherd designs shoes to provide unparalleled comfort by concealing high performance foam technology into the heart of each sole. At Wolf & Shepherd, our mantra is simple: Dress to Perform.


So often we hear “why should I wear that?” Our answer simply put is “Because you should!” Never let the place requiring your presence dictate the fashion. There are new forms and textures to be educated about every season, most of them comfortable, flattering and sexy. A suit does not just dictate boardroom uptight, it has become a foundation of metropolitan style especially when reinterpreted with an open collar dress shirt or knit shirt. Get out of the house and see what people are wearing in the bigger city we are becoming. You don’t see a baseball cap in the Columbia Club and Hawaiian shirts are thankfully reserved for theme parties. Who is in control of what you wear? You are. Dress with respect for the occasion and for yourself.

Bloom_AD-023 (1).jpg

Feeling funny about the way you dress. Funny ha ha? Or funny sad? What did a golf club feel like the first time you swung it? Was the first keyboard on your computer ergonomically correct? Feeling funny is good. It means we are breaking new boundaries in our life and taking chances.

Risk taking is not up your alley. The clothes are not your style. Here’s the rub, style is not fashion. Clothes don’t have style. You have style. Yes, you. You just may not know it. Because guaranteed, you exhibit style in other areas. You just have not trained it on getting dressed. We are trainers for style.

Bloom_AD-042 (1).jpg

Going out in public can be a risk. We have one chance to make an impression on a future boss, spouse, colleague, or mentor. Never be the one to ask why are you wearing what you are wearing. Be the one to answer because you want to — that’s why.

In the words of Deion Sanders: Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Play good, pay good.

Take a look at the style of our clients. It’s varied and different, but they all look good. Because you should!


Explore Rockwell Razors

Cartridge razor manufacturers and modern shave clubs have been hiding a dirty secret they don’t want this generation finding out about.

When the original safety razor was released over a century ago as an alternative to straight razor shaving or getting shaved at your barber, it was thought that the innovation would yield more convenience for everyone. Today, we see companies in the disposable industry clutching onto useless gimmicks, false claims and wasteful materials in an effort to stay afloat. As many men are discovering every day, additional blades, pointless “lube strips” and rotating balls on your face don’t equate to a better shave.

Multi-blade cartridges have led to millions of men suffering from ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and other shaving irritation. Through years of dubious marketing claims, big razor companies have somehow managed convince us that shaving with outrageously expensive, disposable, plastic tools is better than the superior shave we’re guaranteed with a classic double-edge safety razor.

When compared side-by-side, the reality is that cartridge razors are bad for your skin, your wallet and for the environment as a whole. They promote a culture of wastefulness and fail to offer any real shaving benefit to the user.  The EPA estimates that a staggering 2 billion cartridge razors end up in land-fill every year in the United States alone. Conversely, a traditional safety razor can last the user a lifetime and uses inexpensive, recyclable blades that don’t harm the environment.


Rockwell Razors was born out of a belief that men need a real alternative to overpriced cartridge razors and gimmicky shave clubs. In a world dominated by fads, impermanence, and short-term thinking, we’re building a family of customers who think differently. Our goal was to engineer real shaving innovation and deliver extraordinary value in a space that needed it desperately.

We’ve taken the original, century-old design of the safety razor and re-engineered it to be adjustable to anyone’s unique skin type and hair. In giving people the freedom to choose the mildness of their shave, we’ve effectively perfected the double-edge safety razor and created the world’s most comfortable and affordable shaving system. Every angle of our adjustable razors was carefully considered, and engineered to produce a truly smooth, painless shave for any and every man. Our promise is to solve age-old struggles like razor burn, ingrown hairs and grooming discomfort, without using lousy, abrasive ingredients or cheap materials.

In promoting this more traditional method of shaving, we found that men largely prefer the ritualistic nature of a classic shave. Since fulfilling our Kickstarter campaigns, we’ve received thousands of emails from customers who tell us that they’ve now begun looking forward to their daily shaving ritual, rather than dreading it.

chrome series.jpg

The days of falling victim to corporate marketing gimmicks and being overcharged for fruitless features are over. Consumers are demanding sensible, sustainable alternatives to every-day products that won’t break the bank and we are committed to making that happen. By focusing on genuine innovation and long-lasting build quality in our razors, we hope to inspire a movement of others to join us in creating things that last. Andrew Davis Clothiers is amongst those retailers that share our passions, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them to bring the perfect shave to as many men as possible!

10 Reasons to Attend a Trunk Show

10. To laugh, relax, and enjoy the relationship you have with us at Andrew Davis Menswear!

9. To find the perfect shoe, belt, and sock to compliment your new clothing. 

8. To detail a garment with working sleeve button holes or ticket pockets.

7. To expand your choices and options for seasonal needs.

6. To support the local economy.

5. To receive a special offer available only that evening.

4. To experience a wine or scotch tasting with the best.

3. To meet a representative from the best manufacturers available.

2. To create a tuxedo, suit, or sport jacket/pant for an event that will stand out from the crowd.

1. To have a garment created for the most important person–you!

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